Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Project Life Tuesday - Week 24

Yes, this is my last week and I am CAUGHT up on my POTD!!!!  Here is week 24:

Saturday - Juan and I got our bedroom closet Elfa installed today.  It was definitely a pain, but it is going to be very nice!

Sunday - Juan's family came over after church to see our new house renovations and we all decided to grab some lunch.  We went to ............... Mexican restraurant. It was ok.

Monday - This is our master bedroom with the new blinds, carpet, and bedset set up.  It will look better once we get everything else in the room.

Tuesday - We finally went to the indoor storage unit to get my elfa for my loft space.  Mom and I spent the whole day trying to get it all reinstalled.  She was babysitting Ashlyn, so she came along with us for the ride.

Wednesday - I am officially 23 weeks pregnant today.  I definitely feel pregnant belly is huge! Weight update: 226.8 lbs. This week our baby can feel me dance. And now that she's more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (about as much as a large mango), we should be able to see her squirm underneath my clothes; although we haven't seen that yet. Juan constantly feels my tummy waiting for her to move. He also kisses my belly and talks to her constantly, although it is usually just "Coco, what are you doing in there. Coco, come out."

Thursday - I joined the younger staff from ccrd today for lunch at a new sushi place, Zushi Sushi.  It was quite delicious and possibly my new favorite sushi place.  I was a bit restricted since I can't eat raw, but what I had was fabulous! Brooke, April, Jen, Ryan, John, Kevin.
Friday - My co-worker Chris is moving to Kansas City to be closer to his family and new girlfriend.  He is going to remain ccrd and office out of the JEDunn offices in KC.  We'll definitely miss him around the office.  He had a going away party this evening and we swung by to bid him farewell.

Project Life Tuesday - Week 23

Still playing catch up for my POTD!!!!  Here is week 23:

Saturday - We are about ready to install some Elfa in our closets, so Vanessa came with me to Container Store so I could use her teacher discount.  Ashlyn came along for the ride and wasn't super happy to be there.  I thought she looked super cute in her little outfit hanging out on the chests.

Sunday - The plumbers installed the toilet, sink, and shower fixtures today in the spare restroom.  It is finally starting to take shape and look good.

Monday - Vanessa brought the kids over to Mom's this evening and Juan taught Jakob how to put his trains to sleep in his tennis shoes.  Jakob just watched Juan in awe and then wanted to put them "to sleep" himself.  They are too funny!

Tuesday - Renovation update: the end is near!!!! They chemical washed our fireplace, installed the dining room light, and painted our master bedroom.  Can't wait to be home!

Wednesday - They are installing the new carpet tomorrow, so we had the ductwork cleaned today.  I am also officially 22 weeks pregnant today!  I forgot to take a belly photo.  At 11 inches (the length of a spaghetti squash) and almost 1 pound, our baby is starting to look like a miniature newborn. Still no weight update.

Thursday - Juan installed his climbing men today on the fireplace.  They look really good and he loves them!

Friday - Renovation update: they got the carpet installed yesterday; but there was an issue with the stairs, so they are coming tomorrow to finish those.  It is so nice to have clean carpet everywhere!

Project Life Tuesday - Week 22

Almost caught up....just a couple more weeks.  Here is week 22:

Saturday - Vanessa brought the kids over to Mom's for a visit and Jakob was completely enthralled with the game Doodle Jump on Juan's Iphone.  He tried multiple times to play and while I don't think he understood the game, he loved trying it and the noises it made.

Sunday - We had a bar-b-que today at Mom's to celebrate Memorial Day and Vaness'a birthday.  Juan grilled and we had cold watermelon and homemade ice cream.  Mom didn't have any rock salt; so we tried to use regular sea salt; but it didn't work at all.  We finally gave in and went to the store to get rock salt. It was a fun afternoon.

Monday - I've been totally bad about taking my weekly belly photos while we've been out of our house.  In this photo I am at week 20-1/2.  My belly is definitely showing now!

Tuesday - Renovation update: Ceiling and crown molding have been painted.  The dining room, washer/dryer area, and accent fireplace wall have also been painted.

Wednesday - Renovation update: our new ceiling fans and lights in the living room have been installed.  They didn't give us enough light bulbs for the lights, so they couldn't install the globes.

Thursday - Vanessa and I went to the Great American Scrapbook Convention today in Arlington.  I completely forgot it was this weekend until Vanessa asked me about it.  I took the day off work and we went from the minute it opened until it closed.  We had a blast, bought a ton and I even found a sweet little banner idea for Cocoa's room and some 3D flowers for her wall.  Fun, fun day!!!!

Friday - Renovation update:  they finished the grout in the spare bathroom and installed  both the vanity and the side cabinet.  The faucet is on back-order, so they haven't installed the sink yet.

Project Life Tuesday - Week 21

Still playing catch up for my POTD!  This is week 21:

Saturday - Renovation update: all of the popcorn ceilings have been removed and ceiling has been floated.

Sunday - Renovation update:  They have begun to install the crown molding, the power for the ceiling fans and new living room lighting has been installed.  They also have begun to fix all of the cracks.

Monday - Renovation update: they have begun tiling the bath room and have almost completed the dining and washer/dryer area.  They have not grouted anything yet.

Tuesday - Large hail storms hit Mesquite tonight.  Unfortunately Juan's car was parked outside and had major hail damage, almost $6000 worth!  The hail also damaged my mom's roof, screens, porch and fence.  This same storm produced softball sized hail in some areas and tornadoes, so we were very lucky that we were all safe.

Wednesday - All of the cracks have been fixed and the walls retextured.  They are now texturing the ceiling with a slight sand texture and painting.  They have covered the crown molding.

Thursday - 5/26/2011 - Today we had our monthly doctor's visit. My blood pressure was spot on and she measured my belly and listened for the heartbeat. I was a little concerned because I haven't really felt her move around a whole lot; but Dr. Farrow said everything was looking good. Weight 227.3 lbs. Juan said he was more exhausted than I was so he layed on the table instead of me before the doctor came in.
Friday - Renovation update:  they installed the glass tile today in the spare restroom and grouted the floors in the dining room and washer/dryer area.

Project Life Tuesday - Week 20

Yet another week of catch up for my POTD:  Here is week 20!

Saturday - Today the demolition started in our spare bathroom and the spare bedroom closet.  They cut out the fur down in the restroom, ripped out the toilet, lavatory and tub.  I was horrified to discover there was NO insulation in the wall behind the tub and surprised to see even a more horrible wall paper that the one we had underneath.....obviously from the 70's. They also started removing the popcorn ceiling in the spare bedroom and spare bedroom closet.

Sunday - I am almost officially 19 weeks pregnant! She is about the size of a large heirloom tomato. Today Juan was talking to the baby and said, "Coco, you are going to love me more than anyone has ever loved me; because I am going to give you anything you want!" He cracks me up!  Weight - 224.0lbs.

Monday - We had our level II sonogram for "advanced maternal age" today. We also found out it's a GIRL! She is 10oz and everything is perfect. She is in the 30th percentile and the doctor indicated that anything over the 10th percentile is normal. During the sonogram, Juan said, "Is that a vagina?" the doctor sort of skirted his question and then a few minutes later said, "Yes, daddy, it is a girl." Right after that I looked over at Juan to see him frantically texting on his phone. He literally missed the rest of the sonogram because he was too busy spreading the word. After the appointment, he said, "She did have two arms and two legs, right?" I replied, "Yes, and two ears." He replied, "She didn't show us her ears." Too which I responded, "Yes she did, you were just too busy texting to pay attention!!!" Needless to say, he is very excited. I was too. After we left, I couldn't stop bawling. I was just so happy that everything was ok. After all the packing and straining over the past week and a half, I was really worried that something would be wrong. I also don't think I really thought it was going to happen until they told us it was a girl. Now it sort of seems real. As we were driving around after the appointment, Juan says, "Oh my gosh, our baby is part mexican, part white....she's a little coconut! We should call her Coco!" We are NOT naming our baby Coco, but that has quickly become her nickname.

Tuesday - We came home yesterday from our sonogram to discover Mom's house filled with Congrats Girl Balloons.  There must have been 12-15 balloons all over the house, in our bedroom, the bathroom, the living room.  Thanks Mom!!!!  It's so exciting to know it's a girl!

Wednesday - I headed to Babies R Us to get a baby shower present for Tarah and I used the specialty parking space reserved especially for expectant Moms! 

Thursday - Tonight was the Art Show at Vanessa's school.  Since she is the art teacher, it was up to her to organize and put the entire show together.  It was a lot of work for her, but there was a great turn out and everything was displayed wonderfully.  The school had decided to make this an annual event.

Friday - Renovation updates:  they have setup the scaffolding, removed the existing tile in our dining and washer/dryer area, and they have installed the new tub and insulation in the walls. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Project Life Tuesday - Week 19

Another week, as I try to catch up on my POTD.  Here is week 19!

Saturday - We went to Abby's to celebrate Ellie turning 2 and to see the new baby Alice.  There were a ton of kids running around and it was quite interesting to see how much our lives have all changed in the past 5 years. 

Sunday - Between the birthday party and packing up my loft and dragging it all to storage, I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours with Mom to walk around the Cottonwood Art Festival.  There was a ton of cool stuff, although definitely pricey!

Monday - A few of the remaining indoor storage boxes packed and ready to go.  It's been a really long and tiring weekend and we still have to pack the rest of the house!  What did we get ourselves into?

Tuesday - I am travelling this entire week to Overland Park, KS.  It is a terrible week to not be at home and able to pack for this weekends move.  Tonight, we had steak dinner at a great little place that almost made up for us having to travel.

Wednesday - After our first full day of DD meetings, we were starving and headed out for sushi.  Since I'm not supposed to eat raw, I ordered bento box and filled up on edamame.  No belly photo again this week, but I am 18 weeks pregnant today!  Baby is the size of a bell pepper at 5-1/2" long!  Pregnancy weight - not sure, but I feel like I've already gained a ton this week.

Thursday - I found out that our hotel is only a couple of miles away from the Cupcakery!  I have been talking to everyone about how delicious these cupcakes are.  They may even be better than Sprinkles.  This afternoon, I went and purchased a dozen for the team to try.  They were definitely a hit!

Friday - Back home today and gearing up for a crazy day of packing tomorrow.  Mom is scheduled to arrive at 4am as Juan has told the contractors that they can start demolition at noon....except, we are not packed, and our POD is not scheduled to arrive until tomorrow at noon.  This photo is actually from tomorrow as the POD was being delivered.  Crazy, chaotic day in which I was about to strangle my husband for allowing the contractors to start two days early!

More exciting news, we hit a ton of turbulence on the flight home today and I swear I felt the baby move for the first time.  It took me a while to realize what it was, but the little air bubble feeling didn't seem to go away.


Project Life Tuesday - Week 18

I am very behind for my POTD, but I am determined to catch up!

Saturday - I really haven't had any cravings with my pregnancy; but for the last couple of days I haven't been able to get a Butterfinger Blizzard out of my today I gave in and it was totally delicious!

Sunday - Big News today - Bin Laden was found and killed!  US special forces located his complex, captured, and executed him 10 years after the Attack on 911.

Monday - This is a common site around our house, rolls of drawings everywhere.  It seems that either Juan or I always have a roll of drawings for some project laying around.

Tuesday - I've been doing very good avoiding fast food; but today I couldn't resist the golden arches.  Terrible for you, but oh so delicious.

Wednesday - Dinner tonight at Bennihana's! One of our favorites.  Check out my cutie husband!  I don't have a belly picture this week, but I am 17 weeks pregnant and our little one is the size of a turnip at 5" from head to bottom.  Preganancy weight 225.6 lbs.

Thursday - Mom called this afternoon in a panic because she bought Jeff and Vanessa chairs for their patio, but they wouldn't fit in her car.  I headed out after work to see if they would fit in my car and they did....barely.  I'm glad that she lives in Mesquite, because I definitely felt white trash driving down the street at 10 miles per hour with chairs hanging out my trunk.

Friday - We are moving out of our house to allow some major renovation.  We are moving stuff into an indoor storage unit and the remainder into a PODS unit.  The indoor storage is a climate controlled unit so that my scrapbook stuff doesn't get hot during our renovation work.