Tuesday, February 3, 2009

02.03.09 Danna's Baby Shower

Today the office girls hosted a baby shower for Danna at ccrd. We had a great turn out and there were more guys in attendance than girls. We all pitched in to get her the jogging stroller off her registry along with some other gifts. We had a couple of games, food, and of course cake. It was a nice event.

02.02.09 Al's Formal Wear

Juan and I went to Al's Formal Wear tonight with the intent of selecting suite/tuxedo options for the wedding. Instead we learned that they do not rent suites, as they told us they did; and they don't have any colors that match the Alfred Angelo colors, as they told us they did. It was very frustrating and we left with nothing accomplished.

02.01.09 James and the Giant Peach

Juan and a couple of his co-workers entered a design competition at the Dallas Arboretum for Children's Stories. They used Juan's idea of James and the Giant Peach. They were one of the teams selected to build their design. Juan and his team spent all of last weekend and this weekend building their design. They have to have it complete by next weekend. It is turning out awesome!

01.31.09 Jakob and Scrapbooking

Vanessa called and was desperate to scrapbook and I totally agreed. Jakob has been much easier to handle lately, so she thought she may be able to squeeze in a few hours of our beloved hobby. They came over and Jakob did very well. We managed to scrapbook about 5-6 hours. Vanessa finished three 2-page spreads, while I only completed one 2-page spread. I think I spent too much time holding my nephew!

01.30.09 Hibachi Night

I was surprised to learn that Juan has never been to a hibachi restaurant where they cook your food at your table. We decided to try a new place on Greenville called Tokoyono. It was very delicious!

01.29.09 Survey Work

Today we are surveying the existing shell space at Las Palmas. We are going to finish out the space with ICU and Neuro OR's and are confirming what was actually installed in the last project. This is a typical day on site for me.

01.28.09 Headwall at Las Palmas

I am at Design Development meetings today at Las Palmas Medical Center in El Paso. This photo is of their existing ICU headwall that I designed about 5 years ago. We are surveying for their new ICU expansion and discussing what they liked and didn't like. I was in meetings from 8am until 6pm today at the facility.

01.27.09 Dashboard

Ok, I am headed out of town once again for work. This time to El Paso. The view of my dashboard is a daily view and often quite dusty. My car is a 2003 Honda Civic and is almost paid off!