Stories for Madalynne

2011-09-25: We had a bit of an incident this morning. Juan was changing Madalynne and kissing her tummy, like he always does, when his necklace got caught on her belly button and ripped off the little protective piece that had not yet fallen off. Maddie screamed for just a minute or so and then Juan was able to calm her. It didn’t bleed at the time, but looked a little raw. Juan felt absolutely terrible about it; but of course he didn’t mean to do it. We called the pediatrician’s nurse and she said to keep it clean and dry and it should be alright, even if it bled a little. I teased Juan that he just gave Maddie and outie, which is exactly what it looked like, but we shall see.

2011-09-29: Suprising enough, we do not call Madalynne Coco at all. Her daddy calls her Mousy (mimicking the little squeaks that she makes when she cries) or Precious. I have taken to calling her Munchkin or Pumpkin. Juan has been calling me The Momma since we brought Maddie home.

2011-09-30: Daddy has started calling Madalynne by the nickname Monkey and Possum, possum because we have possums living in our bushes that drive the dogs bananas and Juan started telling Maddie that the dogs thought she was a possum, which quickly turned into her nickname. Frequent conversation heard is: "Daddy, do those dogs think I'm a possum? Don't let those big dogs eat me Daddy."

2011-10-01: Maddie is mostly wearing one-piece outfits that snap in front and have feet. She has outfits with monkeys, bunnies, etc.  Daddy tells her everytime she wears one that these outfits were created out of real monkeys, bunnies, ducks, pumpkins, etc.  The conversation goes something like this (all by Juan of course): "Daddy, is my outfit made out of real bunnies?" "Daddy, are my feet from real duckies?"

2011-10-13: Uniquely you! You are the only baby I've ever seen that doesn't grasp things when you put them in their hands. You don't grasp fingers, even as a reflex. You also tend to have sparodic hand motions that knock out your nookie from your mouth. You are VERY strong and VERY stubborn. You will not move your hands, even to feed, unless you feel like it. You have been holding up your head since the first week we brought you home and you've been pushing yourself up and trying to roll over (unintentionally) ever since we started you on tummy time two weeks ago. You like your nookie once in awhile, but if we try to give it to you and you don't want it, we are not about to get it into your mouth; and you have a special knack for spitting it out.

2011-11-02: Tonight you were laying on your play mat and I was laying next to you talking, reading books, and making faces at you. Daddy was laying behind me "resting" his eyes. Suddenly he says, "Uh oh. I was going to play a trick on Maddie, but I got stuck."  I look behind me to see Daddy half way under your crib and clearly stuck! I laughed so hard that I scared you. Your daddy is just crazy nuts! I shoukd have taken a picture.

2011-12-17: Daddy is now calling you Gigantor, because you are such a big baby. I've also heard him say, "Gigantor, the 9th Wonder of the World!" & "Gigantor, the biggest baby in the World!"

2011-12-20: Tonight Daddy was holding you and I heard him talking to you, "Maddie, why are you crying? Little girls are supposed to be sugar and spice and everything nice."  "Daddy, I'm not sugar and spice, I'm jalepeno because I'm Mexican Daddy!" 

2012-03-20: Juan has started calling Maddie a "little sea turtle" because she lays on her tummy and just pumps her arms and legs furiously but doens't seem to get anywhere. I've started calling her "silly goose" and my "chunky monkey". Silly goose came from her Christmas book "Duck and Goose it's time for Christmas!"  The book says: "Goose, it's not time for throwing snowballs. It's not time for sledding, it's not time for making snow angels, it's not time for making a snow goose....... Goose, it's time for CHRISTMAS!" We have modified the words to apply to just about everything we are doing all day long. 

2012-10-01: Juan was calling Maddie "Big Girl" and then he decided that had negative connotations, so he has started calling her "Tiny" or "Tiny Booty" instead.  LOL! Not sure that is much better. I call her "Monkey" because she climbs on EVERYTHING! The couch, the stairs, ladders, window seals, dish washer, dryer, her turn table, my scrapbook paper trays, etc. She has also started giving kisses, but Juan calls it her Sha-Ney-Ney kisses because of how she puckers up. She is also very stingy with her kisses. She will kiss every picture of a baby, animal, herself regardless if it is on her clothes, a magazine, a picture; but she will only kiss us once in a while and she must be in the right mood.