Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Project Life Tuesday - Week 18

I am very behind for my POTD, but I am determined to catch up!

Saturday - I really haven't had any cravings with my pregnancy; but for the last couple of days I haven't been able to get a Butterfinger Blizzard out of my head.....so today I gave in and it was totally delicious!

Sunday - Big News today - Bin Laden was found and killed!  US special forces located his complex, captured, and executed him 10 years after the Attack on 911.

Monday - This is a common site around our house, rolls of drawings everywhere.  It seems that either Juan or I always have a roll of drawings for some project laying around.

Tuesday - I've been doing very good avoiding fast food; but today I couldn't resist the golden arches.  Terrible for you, but oh so delicious.

Wednesday - Dinner tonight at Bennihana's! One of our favorites.  Check out my cutie husband!  I don't have a belly picture this week, but I am 17 weeks pregnant and our little one is the size of a turnip at 5" from head to bottom.  Preganancy weight 225.6 lbs.

Thursday - Mom called this afternoon in a panic because she bought Jeff and Vanessa chairs for their patio, but they wouldn't fit in her car.  I headed out after work to see if they would fit in my car and they did....barely.  I'm glad that she lives in Mesquite, because I definitely felt white trash driving down the street at 10 miles per hour with chairs hanging out my trunk.

Friday - We are moving out of our house to allow some major renovation.  We are moving stuff into an indoor storage unit and the remainder into a PODS unit.  The indoor storage is a climate controlled unit so that my scrapbook stuff doesn't get hot during our renovation work.

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