Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Project Life Tuesday - Week 21

Still playing catch up for my POTD!  This is week 21:

Saturday - Renovation update: all of the popcorn ceilings have been removed and ceiling has been floated.

Sunday - Renovation update:  They have begun to install the crown molding, the power for the ceiling fans and new living room lighting has been installed.  They also have begun to fix all of the cracks.

Monday - Renovation update: they have begun tiling the bath room and have almost completed the dining and washer/dryer area.  They have not grouted anything yet.

Tuesday - Large hail storms hit Mesquite tonight.  Unfortunately Juan's car was parked outside and had major hail damage, almost $6000 worth!  The hail also damaged my mom's roof, screens, porch and fence.  This same storm produced softball sized hail in some areas and tornadoes, so we were very lucky that we were all safe.

Wednesday - All of the cracks have been fixed and the walls retextured.  They are now texturing the ceiling with a slight sand texture and painting.  They have covered the crown molding.

Thursday - 5/26/2011 - Today we had our monthly doctor's visit. My blood pressure was spot on and she measured my belly and listened for the heartbeat. I was a little concerned because I haven't really felt her move around a whole lot; but Dr. Farrow said everything was looking good. Weight 227.3 lbs. Juan said he was more exhausted than I was so he layed on the table instead of me before the doctor came in.
Friday - Renovation update:  they installed the glass tile today in the spare restroom and grouted the floors in the dining room and washer/dryer area.

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