Monday, October 24, 2011

New Arrival Layout

Here is my latest layout for Maddie. It is at the hospital. I used a page layout kit and tweaked it. I added the real buttons. I don't like how the bling turned out; but it was too late to change it. It is pretty simple, but done so I am ok with that.  LOL :)

Here are a couple of detailed shots:

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Let's Scrap DT challenge 118 - new layout

I finished another layout today, thanks to my great hubby who watched the munchkin! I used the Let's Scrap, DT challenge 118 which was to:
1) Do a {NEW} layout that is inspired by another layout (on the web, from another person, or in a magazine}

2) Upload it in the gallery by midnight Oct. 28th
3) Tag it challenge118
4) In the description tell us why you were inspired by the layout
5) Then 'Reply' to your photo and add a photo of the layout you were inspired by (or Scraplifted as we tend to call it) ;) {if you know whose layout it is, be sure to give credit to that person}

I was inspired by the following layout that was on the Prima website "Pixie Hege the most beautiful girl." I was inspired by the colors, the flower bunches and how they move up the page, as well as the bird motiff (although I used butterflies in lieu of birds). I'm not sure who the original creator is as it wasn't listed on the website.

Here are a couple of detailed photos:

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Madalynne - 4th Week Favorites

Let's Scrap - Challenge #16 - You are a Blessing - New Layout

Yeah! I managed to finish my second layout for Madalynne. It's been difficult to find time, so I am proud of myself for finishing. This is another kit layout that I bought at convention and then tweaked and added my own touches. Again, not sure of the creator as she didn't put a card or name on the layout. These are the first photos we took of Maddie at the hospital.

I did this layout for the Let's Scrap -Scrap Our Stash Challenge #16, which was actually to complete a previous challenge. I used Challenge #15, Scrap Our Stash Bingo. Here is the bingo board:
I used the second column. I used 4 pattern papers, hand-written journaling, white and blue laces in multiple locations, way more than 10 bling, and my three rub-ons are the "adorable", the "New Beginnings", and the emblem at the end of the "New Beginnings" title.

Here are a few detailed shots:

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Project Life Tuesday - Week 41

Welcome to Project Life Tuesday 2011! If you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you will stay awhile. I'm Jessica and I am participating in Project Life, a different way to record our lives by taking one photo a day. This was inspired by the fabulous Becky Higgins who has put together a wonderful kit to make this challenge easier.
Don't worry, I'm not leaving traditional scrapbooking behind. This just gives me the opportunity to focus my scrapbooking on trips and things that are important to me right now and not get all bogged down with every birthday, dinner, and holiday that comes along.
Each Tuesday, I will post my pictures/journaling from the previous week. Project Life Tuesday was created by Jessica Turner over at The Mom Creative and she hosts a linky for readers to link up their pictures. So if you want to join in or want to see others POTW, just click the Project Lift button at the top of this post.
And finally, my POTW:

Saturday - Vanessa came to visit this morning. I had a ton of questions that she TOTALLY helped me out with. She also helped me bath Madalynne. She offered a couple of ingenious pieces of advice that made all the difference in the world. 1: stick the pacifier in her mouth when she is screaming in the bath (DUH, why didn't I think of that?)  2: The duckie wash cloth that is supposed to cover her little naked body to help keep her warm; keep it sopping with warm water. I was wringing it out and it was getting cold. I felt like such an idiot, but am extremely greatful for the advice. It helped a ton!

Sunday - After Maddie's 4:30am feeding, I was awake pumping and decided to try and clean up my scrap area or I would never scrap again. I spent about 2 hours organizing and getting it ready for Maddie's first layout. I came back into the bedroom to find my two cuties snoozing away together.

Monday - Friday night I talked to my friend, Angie, for over an hour, lamenting my struggles and how hard this newborn motherhood was for me.  She adopted a newborn a little over three months ago and understood, although she has been blessed with an easy child to date. Today, these gorgeous flowers were delivered to me with a big orange styrofoam circle on a stick that said, "Orange you glad we're friends?"  Yes, Angie, I am very glad we are friends. Thanks for pep talk and the happy flowers!

Tuesday - My little munchkin is getting so long, over 20" now, although she's not really chubbing up any.

Wednesday - I've been wanting to pose Madalynne in this position ever since I saw it 2 years ago. We did it with my niece, Ashlyn, and it was adorable. Today my mom came over and helped me get the shot I've been drooling over.  Thanks Mom!

Thursday - Today Madalynne is 1 month old. She was extremely fussy all day, so this was the best shot we could get with her elephant, pouty lip and all!

Friday - Madalynne has been having terrible gas issues since Monday. These items have been staples all week and there is no end in sight, unfortunately. Hopefully she will get some relief soon, for all out sanity; I can't stand to see her in such pain!

Thanks for visiting this week! I am loving this POTD now that I have a newborn.  With a million photos, what better way to document her first couple of months. I'm so glad I've been doing this!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Layout of Madalynne

Wow! I am sooo excited! We had quite a few milestones today. First, I managed to finish my first layout of Madalynne. I was beginning to think that would NEVER happen. It was a page kit, so I feel like I cheated a bit; but hey, it is complete and I love it.

This is one of a few page kits that I purchased at the Convention this year for Madalynne. I knew scrapbooking hours would be few and far between in the beginning, so I bought a few layouts that I could just throw together. This one had way more thickness to it than I normally use, but I figure Maddie deserves it. :) hee hee.  Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the booth and as she was an independent creator, she didn't give me any sort of card.  By the way, I really like how these photos my hubby took of Maddie and I turned out.

Here are a few detailed shots:

Thanks for visiting and I hope I have more layouts to post real soon!