Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Project Life Tuesday - Week 20

Yet another week of catch up for my POTD:  Here is week 20!

Saturday - Today the demolition started in our spare bathroom and the spare bedroom closet.  They cut out the fur down in the restroom, ripped out the toilet, lavatory and tub.  I was horrified to discover there was NO insulation in the wall behind the tub and surprised to see even a more horrible wall paper that the one we had underneath.....obviously from the 70's. They also started removing the popcorn ceiling in the spare bedroom and spare bedroom closet.

Sunday - I am almost officially 19 weeks pregnant! She is about the size of a large heirloom tomato. Today Juan was talking to the baby and said, "Coco, you are going to love me more than anyone has ever loved me; because I am going to give you anything you want!" He cracks me up!  Weight - 224.0lbs.

Monday - We had our level II sonogram for "advanced maternal age" today. We also found out it's a GIRL! She is 10oz and everything is perfect. She is in the 30th percentile and the doctor indicated that anything over the 10th percentile is normal. During the sonogram, Juan said, "Is that a vagina?" the doctor sort of skirted his question and then a few minutes later said, "Yes, daddy, it is a girl." Right after that I looked over at Juan to see him frantically texting on his phone. He literally missed the rest of the sonogram because he was too busy spreading the word. After the appointment, he said, "She did have two arms and two legs, right?" I replied, "Yes, and two ears." He replied, "She didn't show us her ears." Too which I responded, "Yes she did, you were just too busy texting to pay attention!!!" Needless to say, he is very excited. I was too. After we left, I couldn't stop bawling. I was just so happy that everything was ok. After all the packing and straining over the past week and a half, I was really worried that something would be wrong. I also don't think I really thought it was going to happen until they told us it was a girl. Now it sort of seems real. As we were driving around after the appointment, Juan says, "Oh my gosh, our baby is part mexican, part white....she's a little coconut! We should call her Coco!" We are NOT naming our baby Coco, but that has quickly become her nickname.

Tuesday - We came home yesterday from our sonogram to discover Mom's house filled with Congrats Girl Balloons.  There must have been 12-15 balloons all over the house, in our bedroom, the bathroom, the living room.  Thanks Mom!!!!  It's so exciting to know it's a girl!

Wednesday - I headed to Babies R Us to get a baby shower present for Tarah and I used the specialty parking space reserved especially for expectant Moms! 

Thursday - Tonight was the Art Show at Vanessa's school.  Since she is the art teacher, it was up to her to organize and put the entire show together.  It was a lot of work for her, but there was a great turn out and everything was displayed wonderfully.  The school had decided to make this an annual event.

Friday - Renovation updates:  they have setup the scaffolding, removed the existing tile in our dining and washer/dryer area, and they have installed the new tub and insulation in the walls. 

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