Friday, January 22, 2016

Project Life - Week 48

Welcome to Project Life 2015! If you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you will stay a while. I'm Jessica, wife to Juan, mommy to 4 year old Maddie. I am also an electrical engineer by day and I am participating in Project Life, a different way to record our lives by taking one photo a day. This was inspired by the fabulous Becky Higgins.

I am using a digital kit on Shutterfly. This digital version is SUPER easy to use! See my completed pages for 2012 using the Shutterfly - Project Life Turquoise Edition HERE and my 2013 album using the Shutterfly - Project Life Childhood - Mayfield Edition HERE I will hopefully be posting my 2014 pages soon.

And finally, my POTW (pictures of the week) - 

Thursday - Thanksgiving! Maddie helped me with everything for our Thanksgiving dinner. She even used the big knife to cut the veggies for our turkey. She even helped us stuff the turkey. We planned for dinner at 2pm. Juan's parents arrived, but no one else did. At 3pm we decided to go ahead and eat. Adam arrived at about 3:30pm and Jaime and Paloma arrived at about 4pm. It was nice to have everyone together. We missed my mom as she was on a month long cruise with Nana and Vanessa didn't have the kids this year. I love my little family of three and we are so very blessed!

Friday - Our plans to cut down our Christmas tree today were cancelled by the rain. Maddie and I did do most of the interior decorating. She LOVES decorating, especially at Christmas. It rained all day and it is planned to rain all weekend as well.

Sunday - It rained all day yesterday and again today, so we gave up on cutting down our own tree and headed to Home Depot. We picked a 9' noble fir, but since it was wet from the rain we had to set it up in the garage to dry.

Monday - I picked Maddie up from school this afternoon to take her to see Santa. All the kiddos in her class were diligently building playdough creations. I went to Northpark earlier in the day when they opened to get us a spot in line this afternoon to see Santa. After we went home and put on Maddie's Christmas dress we headed out. We only waited about 5 minutes until we were up. They told me Cyber Monday and the following Tuesday were the best days of the season to see Santa. When Santa asked Maddie what she wanted for Christmas she said, "a littlest pet shop and a real candle that turns on when you blow on it" - what? I'm not sure where she even came up with that idea. I was sure she would say My Little Ponies, I was very surprised.

Tuesday - We finally decided to set up our Christmas tree this evening. Maddie has been begging since we brought it home on Sunday. I put all the lights on and realized the last two strand were installed backwards and had to take them ALL OFF, what a pain. Maddie wanted to put the star on top of the tree and Daddy helped her reach it. It is so fun to experience Christmas through her eyes.

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