Monday, January 4, 2016

Project Life - Week 44

Welcome to Project Life 2015! If you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you will stay a while. I'm Jessica, wife to Juan, mommy to 4 year old Maddie. I am also an electrical engineer by day and I am participating in Project Life, a different way to record our lives by taking one photo a day. This was inspired by the fabulous Becky Higgins.

I am using a digital kit on Shutterfly. This digital version is SUPER easy to use! See my completed pages for 2012 using the Shutterfly - Project Life Turquoise Edition HERE and my 2013 album using the Shutterfly - Project Life Childhood - Mayfield Edition HERE I will hopefully be posting my 2014 pages soon.

And finally, my POTW (pictures of the week) - 

Thursday - Grandma Louise came over today with Nana. She made a dot page with Maddie and Maddie read them one of her Bob books. Then we all went to soccer practice to watch Maddie run, run, run. Coach Juan had them run drills where one girl dribbled the ball and the second girl tried to catch her and take the ball away. The girls are definitely improving considering at the first practice all they could do was kick the ball!

Friday - We took the day off work to hang out with Gammy. We all went to the Dallas Aquarium. Grandma had NEVER been to an aquarium. Gammy and Maddie fed a blueberry to the birds and we managed to get Maddie to slow down to warp speed as we walked through the exhibits. Maddie had fun using Daddy's phone to photograph the sharks. After the aquarium we took Gammy and Nana to Glorias for lunch and then Steel City Pops for popsicles afterwards. We were all ready for a nap after that! 

Saturday - Maddie and I went shopping this morning with Nana and Gammy. We went to Charmin Charlie's in Town East. They have super cheap jewelry and a ton in the clearance area. Maddie found these sunglasses for $1.99, the bracelet was $2.99 and the necklace was $2.99. She thought she was a rockstar! She definitely has the attitude. This afternoon I took Maddie to Ascension for their Trunk or Treat. It was really fun. They had all sorts of little stations and games for the kids. Maddie even got to be part of her first "Cake Walk" and she won! She picked cupcakes for her prize. They gave out toys, candy, apples, and lots of smiles. We'll definitely be returning. This evening Nana, Vanessa, Ashlyn, Jakob, and Kevin came over to Trick or Treat with us. Ashlyn was Cinderella and Jakob was Boba Fett from Star Wars. They were so cute together. Juan and Grandma stayed at our house. Nana brought all three kiddos mini flashlights - perfect non-candy treat and the kids LOVED using them! We went around the block and then up Moss Farm Lane. The kids got a ton of candy. Maddie was meticulous about picking her candy when given the opportunity. Sometimes it took her almost 3 full minutes to make a decision. Aunt Vanessa and Kevin took Jakob up another street while Nana and I returned to our house with the girls. They were so excited to dig through their candy. I'm pretty sure we will be still eating Maddie's candy this time next year.

Wednesday - I was telling Juan how Maddie was learning to do a tripod at gymnastics and he didn't understand what I was talking about. He decided to show Maddie how he does a handstand in our front yard. As you can see, Maddie was very impressed. 

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