Saturday, October 27, 2012

My Scrap Space

Since we've moved into our new house, I've had to reconfigure my scrap room. We don't have spare money at the moment, so I've had to make due with the elfa pieces we had at the old house. For the most part they adapted ok, although there are still some things I would like to rearrange.  Here is my new scrappy home:

 My completed albums are on the top shelf and my often used items are in easy reach. 

This is how I store my ribbon and stamp pads. It makes it easy to pull down which every color ribbon I wam working with. I also have generic rub-ons and misc. embellishments hanging her to remind me to use them.  

Since the room is so big, we have doubled its use into a family room. That way Maddie can play on her mat while I scrap and Juan watches soccer.  It's nice to have everyone in the same room together.  This is Maddie's spot, although she usually ends up at my feet under the tables.

I find the more items I see, the more items I use.  "Out of sight, out of mind", so I keep lots of stuff in view. These are my felt border strips and ribbon rolls.

Thanks for visiting my little piece of heaven. Hope you enjoyed the quick tour!


Heidi said...

Wow!! What an amazing space!

Kristi S said...

Love your space!

WillieburgScrapper said...

WOW! Looks amazing! Sometimes making do is the best thing because now you have that cash to spend on other things. I think the Elfa shelves look amazing. And I loved reading about your daughter getting under the table while your scrap- my daughter used to do that as well- she's three now so she tends to lay across the room more but she still likes to get under my feet every once in a while. :)

Lynn Le5 said...

WoWzers! Look at you! I have to show this room to my DH! He'll never believe me!
Good for you. You go girl!