Monday, August 27, 2012

Project Life - Week 27

Welcome to Project Life 2012! If you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you will stay a while. I'm Jessica, wife to Juan, mommy to new baby Maddie. I am also an electrical engineer by day and I am participating in Project Life, a different way to record our lives by taking one photo a day. This was inspired by the fabulous Becky Higgins who has put together a wonderful kit to make this challenge easier.

I am using the digital Cobalt kit, find it at This digital version uses Shutterfly and is SUPER easy to use! See my completed pages for 2012 at

And now my pictures of the week:

Sunday - We finally went to the Chahuly exhibit at the Arboretum. It has been here for months and we have not had the oppotunity to go. Today Maddie and I went with Nana, Aunt Vanessa, and cousins Jakob and Ashlyn. It was fabulous, although a little hot. We were there at 9am when they opened and all three kids were completely worn out by 11am. It was a great morning.

Wednesday - Fourth of July, we went to Nana's and had a bar-b-que. Vanessa and her family went to her in-laws so it was just the four of us. Maddie swam and we had a lazy afternoon. That evening we were too tired to fight the crowds and Maddie was asleep well before dark. I awoke at about 9:45pm to loud booms and looked out our bedroom window to see an entire fireworks display literally in our new backyard. The country club on the corner apparently has a fireworks display!

Thursday - Our garden is bearing fruit, a lot of it. Baby tomatoes in abundance and they are deliciously sweet. Maddie loves tomatoes!

Friday - Maddie puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. It doesn't matter what it is, or how big it is. Juan caught her eating dogfood the other day. She also eats flies, dead and alive, and anything on the floor big or small. She is such a goofball!

Saturday - Off to the Dallas Zoo today. It was hot, so we let Maddie play in the river in the Children's Zoo. She also like the children's aviary. We only stayed a couple of hours before we were overheated and ready to be inside.

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