Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project Life - Week 19

Sunday - Today we gave Maddie yogurt for the first time. She seemed to like it, just like everything else. I also gave her puffs, which she checked out very intently and then ate right up. In fact, for the last one she stuck the entire thing in her mouth and then sort of choked.

Monday - Today Maria gave Maddie wagon wheel puffs and said she shoved the entire thing in her mouth and choked, so she didn't want to give them to her anymore. I told her to give her the little ones and she said ok. We also gave Maddie mango for the first time today. She loved it, just like all the other fruit.

Tuesday - This morning Maddie waved for the first time. I was getting ready to walk out the door to head off to work and Maria was holding Maddie. I told her goodbye, but then decided I wanted a hug and took her from Maria's arms. Maddie instantly turned to Maria, Maria said, "Bye Bye Maddie" and waved. Maddie then smiled and waved back, like she was determined to got to work with Mama! Soo cute. She wasn't too happy when I handed her back to Maria, but they followed me outside and said goodbye without any tears. This evening when I arrived home from work, Maddie was still crawling all over. Maria said she had napped for an hour and a half, but she was still very tired. All that crawling is hard work, and Maria said she explored from one side of the house to the other. I was feeding her dinner at 4pm, we had just finished the broccoli and I turned to get the new potatoes and when I turned back around, she was sound asleep, poor little thing. I still read books to Maddie almost everyday, only now she crawls around and tries to eat them while I am reading them. Today was Adam's 29th birthday so we had an impromptu barbeque. Juan took the grill in the front and it was a bit disturbing for me.

Wednesday - Maddie has started taking steps, not alone of course; but if you hold her she tries to walk. She lifts each leg really high like a horse, silly girl! Today I tried to feed Maddie new potatoes again and she continually choked and seemed to gag. I don't think they were cooked enough and the have too many chunks. I gave up and threw all of the potatoes and the chicken away. I am just not comfortable taking any chances with her choking, especially when she is such a good eater. I also tried to give her cottage cheese today and had the same reaction. I think the large curds were just too much for her. Instead I gave her a chunk of cheddar cheese and she snarfed that right down with no problem. She LOVES cheese!

Thursday - Last night Maddie refused to go to sleep and fell down twice in her crib and hit her head. She finally fell asleep at about 8:30pm. She slept fine during the night, woke up happy, ate breakfast and played like normal. At about noon Maria called to say she had been crying non-stop for over an hour and she wouldn't eat at all. I went home to check on her and she was asleep, but then was non-responsive when I picked her up. She finally awoke and was then unconsolable with me as well. I called the doctor, concerned that it was her head, she did have a bump; and they said to bring her in. Dr. Hubbard was not available so we saw Dr. Prestige. By this time it was almost 2pm and she still was not acting herself at all, and was very listless. The doctor said he couldn't see any reason she would be this unhappy. We checked to see if she was teething and couldn't see or feel any new buds. He then sent us to the ER at Children's Medical Center. He said more than likely a scan would come back negative, but we should just make sure. We then spent the next 3 hours in the ER. By the time we were checked into a room and the doctor arrived, Maddie was much more herself and smiling and trying to desperately crawl off the bed. The doctor checked her skull and said that he really didn't recommend a scan as she was so young and she wasn't vomitting, hadn't lost conscienceness, and was not acting herself. So $120 and 5 hours later we were at home, back where we started; but I am just glad she is ok and there was nothing seriously wrong with her. They also weighed her and she was 23 lbs 4 oz.

Friday - We had lunch with Siobhan today at Birsch Beers and had a great time. It was so good to see her! We were notified that the Summer Glen home owners were going to be able to close by the 24th of May in lieu of the 31st and asked if we wanted to move up the closing date. Crazy, we could have a new house in just 2 short weeks! Typical schedule for Maddie right now, breakfast - 1/4c iron fortified cereal or oatmeal, 1/2 container of yogurt, 1/3 a banana; lunch - (2)2oz servings of vegtables and puffs; dinner - (2)oz fruit, (2) oz vegtables, piece of cheddar cheese, 1/2 slice toast. Formula - 25-28 oz throughout the day. Also today, Maddie managed to work her way, standing, around the end of the coffee table trunk. She was trying to get to Juan's glasses and my iPad at the other side and managed to move her feet enough to do it! She is going to be walking so soon I can't believe it.

Saturday - This morning we headed off to Central Market to get Maddie some more food. I am determined to make her meat, chicken and tenderloin. We stopped for breakfast at Rusty Tacos and gave Maddie scrambled eggs for the first time. I don't think she was very hungry, although she did eat a few bites. We also gave her edamame for the first time today. I spent the afternoon making her new baby foods: eggplant, new potatoes (again....this time they turned out), beef tenderloin with apples and sweet potatoes, and all of the regular stuff as well. This kid eats like a queen!


Alison said...

Have just had a quick catchup...Maddie is really growing , and how exciting to be moving soon- hope it all goes well!
Alison xx

Betty Anne said...

Just had to pop in and say hi. Can't believe how big Maddie is getting. What a cutie she is.