Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Project Life - Week 20

Welcome to Project Life 2012! If you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you will stay a while. I'm Jessica, wife to Juan, mommy to new baby Maddie. I am also an electrical engineer by day and I am participating in Project Life, a different way to record our lives by taking one photo a day. This was inspired by the fabulous Becky Higgins who has put together a wonderful kit to make this challenge easier.
I am using the digital Cobalt kit, find it at This digital version uses Shutterfly and is SUPER easy to use! See my completed pages for 2012 at
And finally, my POTW (pictures of the week):

Sunday - For Mother's day, Maddie and Juan got me a gorgeous little necklace. We then headed over to Mom's house for a family bar-b-que.  Maddie had fun watching and playing with her cousins and with Nana. We ate some terrific grilled food, courtesy of Juan, and had a wonderful afternoon.  
Monday - Adam came over and Juan grilled, again. The pork was so good the previous day that we decided to replicate the wonderful meal.

Tuesday - Maddie is 8 months today. She is officially larger than her elephant! She is finally starting to like her stuffed elephant and loves to plant her face in its soft fur.

Wednesday - I can't believe how big Maddie is getting. She is now standing alone and pulls up by herself. Daddy loves playing a game with Maddie where he taps under her chin repetitively and she goes, bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu. I think Maddie enjoys it as much as Daddy does.

Thursday - Juan had his upper wisdom teeth pulled today. Amazingly enough, Dr. Marshall was able to do it with only a local anesthetic. Juan was already feeling better this evening. Tonight was the Art Program that Vanessa put together for her school. This year she even included a silent auction of selected student work. It was awesome and I placed bids on about 25 different pieces. I ended up going home with about 10 student works. Half the money raised went to the art program and half went directly to the students.  

Friday - Maddie still loves bathtime. In fact, if we take her into her bathroom to brush her teeth and don't let her take a bath, she screams and cries and throws a fit. We are currently using this great bath ring that keeps her from slipping. It works great and we love it.  
Saturday - We took Maddie to JCPenney's today to get her 8 months photos taken. Since she just started standing, Tiffany, our photographer had us hold Maddie's hands to showcase her new talent. I love how this picture turned out!   Thanks for Visiting!

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