Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project Life - Week 18

Sunday - We took Maddie to church and left her in the nursery for the first time today. She did great although when we arrived back after we discovered her eating cheerios, something we have decided not to give her yet due to the sugar content. She didn't cry at all though and seemed to have done wonderfully.

Monday - Yesterday Juan and Maddie went to Central Market while I was working. They came home with an early Mother's Day present for me from Maddie, tulips! How sweet are my two sweeties?

Tuesday - Today we officially closed on Juan's house!!!! What a relief. We even came out of it with $6799.26 minus the plumbing $205, the roofing $354.77, the AC fixes $250, $100 yard work, 10% to the church $680 we came out at $5,209.49. At least we weren't negative!

Wednesday - Maddie has just about figured how to pull herself up into a standing position. She LOVES standing, and if you stand her up next to something, she will stand there forever. She has figured out how to play with her sit and stand if we get her into the standing position.

Thursday - Maria said that Maddie pulled up into a standing position at her monkey sit and stand today. I tried all afternoon to get her to do it again, but no luck. This evening, Maddie refused to let us put clothes back on her. I walked into her room to find her in this state and Juan sitting on the floor next her. She was just happy as a clam.

Friday - Today Maddie decided to stand on her own. I managed to film it all. She crawled all over the place and got to the stairs and was desperately trying to determinte how to get on her feet. Pretty soon, she figured it out. She also crawled straight the mirror and proceeded to bang her head into it over an over. She got stuck under her highchair and pretty soon figured out how to get out.

Saturday - This morning I put Maddie in her crib, turned around to pick up a few things and turned back around to see her STANDING at the edge of her crib. I layed her back down and rushed into the other room to grab something and quickly returned to see her standing again! It appears she has figured how to quickly get to her feet. We had to lower her crib to the lowest level this evening. I was terribly afraid she would stand up in the night and fall out of her crib. Juan had a management class at work, so we went to the "dump" with Mom. I also took Maddie to the grocery store this morning for the first time by myself. She did great. I did break down and get her a ton of differnt puffs. I really don't like all the sodium and preservatives in them, but she really needs some sort of finger foods. I also got her baby yogurt to start her on.

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