Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project Life - Week 15

Sunday - Juan moved Maddie's jump a jump off the beam in the living room, because I didn't feel it was safe. She really wanted to jump in it and kept looking longingly at it. We moved it to the stairs and it was too high for her to reach the floor so we put a big box under it and she went to town jumping. She absolutely loved it! She also loved that she could spin and see herself in the mirror. She LOVES the mirror! We went to Mom's house for Easter and had a fun time. Nana gave Maddie an Easter basket and she loved it.

Monday - I gave Maddie Spinach for the first time today. She ate it, seemed to think it was ok. It is not one of her favorites, but she did eat it all.

Wednesday - Today I took off work to spend the day with Maddie and Mom. We took Maddie to a field of bluebonnets. Juan was worried she would get eaten by bugs and snakes, but I told him he was being silly. She loved the blue bonnets, and the grass for that matter, but wanted to eat them. She is fast too, so we had to be very diligent.

Friday - Juan fed Maddie Spinach for the first time today. He managed to get her to eat most of it. Then he gave her watermelon for the first time. She really liked it. I don't know if she likes it or just likes to feed herself, but she seemed to enjoy it thoroughly!

Saturday - Maddie is getting really good at standing in one position. Today, Juan stood her up at the coffee table and then let her go and she managed to stay standing for a few seconds alone. We took Maddie swimming for the first time today. It was Blake's 6th birthday party at the indoor swimming pool in Plano. He and his cousin celebrated joint birthdays. They had pizza, fruit and cake. The kids all had a great time. Maddie had a blast and wasn't scared of the water at all. She was very interested in the other little girls playing in the pool and wanted to make friends. We also gave her canteloupe for the first time. She loved it. She is going to be a fruit lover like her father.

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