Saturday, May 12, 2012

Project Life - Week 14

Sunday - Today we dropped Maddie's crib down to the next level. She is getting to where she is pulling herself up by the crib bars so we decided it was time. We also drove around to look at neighborhoods. We really like the Lakewood area. Maddie was wonderful and napped the entire time. We also gave Maddie banana for the first time. She didn't really seem to like it and was a little bit hesitant.

Monday - We went to dinner at Dave and Siobhan's this evening. Maddie was great. We stayed until almost 8 and Maddie was perfectly content to sit and watch the adults. We did give her a strawberry for the first time. She loved it! Too funny, guess it's really time to start her on fruits.

Wednesday - I had to travel to KC for work so Maria stayed late and gave Maddie her first taste of sweet potatoes. She said that she didn't like them at all. That surprised me.

Thursday - I gave Maddie sweet potatoes today and she liked them just fine. We found out that Maria gave them to her slightly cold because she was afraid of burning her little mouth. Apparently Maddie likes her veggies warm. She is really getting on her hands and knees and rocking a lot. Sometimes she even launches herself forward. She definitely does the backwards scoot thing. She will end up on the other side of the room in a blink of an eye.
Friday - Yesterday I noticed Maddie has a pretty bad rash on her chin and cheek. Apparently it started Wednesday while I was gone. I put lotion on it, thinking it was from all the milk she drips, but today we decided to go ahead and take her to the pediatrician. It was worse today and now her little chin is scabbing over. Dr. Hubbard said it is excema from all of the drool and wiping of her mouth. She said to put Aquaphor on it, especially at night when she is sleeping so she won't rub it off. They weighed her, with clothes and she was 21 lbs 4 oz. I'm so glad it was nothing serious.

Saturday - Today we took Maddie to the zoo. We put her in the stroller without her infant seat and she did pretty well. She is still a little small, but seemed to enjoy the freedom of sitting and looking around. She was definitely more interested in the people and other children than she was the animals. I did hold her while I fed the giraffes and she was interested. Not interested enough to try and touch the giraffe, but she wasn't scared either. We then went to my in-laws for lunch and we gave Maddie her first tortilla. She loved it and nawed on it forever. She did drop quite a few on the ground, and Maria was quick to give her another. I also fed her peas from the store. I had a few store bought ones that Vanessa gave me that Ashlyn didn't like, so I had packed one for convenience and she ate the entire 3.5oz. Guess she doesn't mind the store bought food. Good to know. We then took Maddie to Nana's so we could go to our missed anniversary dinner and a movie. We ended up just coming home and taking a nap for 3 hours! How crazy. We then grabbed a quick bite at Macarroni grille and went to stock up on more veggies and fruits for Maddie. We bought more broccoli, asparagus, green beans and spinach. We also bought apples, pears, strawberries, and prunes for her to try.

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