Sunday, May 13, 2012

Project Life - Week 16

Sunday - Maddie turned 7 months old today. She is now bigger than her elefant. She loves books and constantly looks at them.

Monday - Miriam came to visit today. She brought some new form of cheap camera and Maddie thought it was extremely interesting. She is definitely going to be a photographer.

Wednesday - Maddie LOVES her jumpy jump. She loves trying to reach out and grab things while she is jumping. It's a big game to her. She gets such great excercise out of it.

Friday - This evening we went to Gracie's parents 50th Wedding vow renewal reception. Maddie did great, but she really wanted to eat off of our plates and there wasn't much we could give her. I gave her a piece of lettuce and she chewed on it forever and never could swallow it. I ended up taking it out of her mouth. Some friends of Gracie's sat with us at our table and gave Maddie lemons for the first time. She made funny faces, but seemed to enjoy it until she rubbed her eyes.

Saturday - Juan took Maddie to his mother's and let her play with Sole and Aram. He also took her to the park and let her swing for the first time. He said she loved it and laughed everytime she swung toward him. We also took Maddie to the Pancake House for breakfast. Maddie loved the pancakes and bananas. She ate the entire time we were there.

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