Saturday, May 12, 2012

Project Life - Week 13

I am so far behind in my posts, so here goes a storm of catching up!

Week 13

Sunday - I am still feeling extremely lousy and while Juan is better, Maddie seems to be coming down with it now. She is playing fine, but you can see it in her little eyes. They are watery and red and she is beginning to cough. She ran a slight fever today so we gave her some children's tylenol. Today we gave Maddie toast for the first time. This crazy girl that sticks EVERYTHING in her mouth, refused to put it in her mouth. Every time we tried to put it in her mouth, she just blew bubbles at it. She FINALLY tried it and then couldn't seem to get enough.

Monday - I stayed home ill today, it seems to be in my lungs now. I can't seem to get overe sickness quickly. Maddie is also worse today. She doesn't have a fever but it obviously not feeling well and we gave her medicine twice. She is napping well now, although night has gotten worse. She has trouble going to sleep every night and then seems to wake up. Tonight Juan finally had to pick her up and rock her to sleep in the big chair. She is definitely feeling ill. I gave her toast again today and she did the same thing as yesterday, refused to even try it. Was more interested in the texture of it. Once she realized it was yummy, she couldn't cram it in her mouth fast enough.

Tuesday - I am STILL feeling poor today, but definitely on the mend. Juan had to fly to San Antonio today and stay overnight. I'm not looking forward to a long night with a sick infant. She did better today. Her eyes weren't quite as watery and she seemed a bit less conjested. I hope the worst of it has passed. She was so tired this evening that she went straight down to bed. Unfortunately she woke up 45 minutes later screaming and it took almost 40 minutes to get her back to sleep. She's woke up about every hour for the past three hours. Today I fed her cauliflower for the first time. She wasn't too excited, but I think that was the cold. I mixed it with zucchini and she managed to eat it all. This girl is crazy. Today I gave her toast, for the third day in a row and she acted again like it was the first time. She wouldn't even tasted it. Once she did, she ate every bit of it. She is also lifting onto her hands and knees. I looked up and there she was, poised to crawl. She gets better at sitting up alone every day.

Wednesday - Maddie really likes bath time. She is not too keen on the hair washing part, but loves all of Daddy's antics.

Thursday - Today Maria caught Maddie pulling down her entire mobile while she was in her crib. Time to say bye-bye to her mobiles. We took them down this evening. She is also pushing herself up enough to almost see out of the crib. Looks like we are going to be lowering her crib this weekend. Also, today Maddie got her first tooth! Maria found it because when Maddie was drinking from her cup she was rubbing it against the side and Maria heard it. Sure enough, a little tooth has popped through on the bottom right front. We didn't even know. She was just a little fussy this weekend, especially at night when I put her down; but I just thought it was the whole nap thing her learning to sleep in her crib. She is such a tough little baby. We bought her a pop up animal box and she really likes it. She hasn't figured out how to make any of the animals pop up, but she has became a pro and pushing them back down. I am convinced that she thinks that is the goal. She has grown out of all her clothes, again! Her 12 month clothes are too small now.

Friday - Maddie loves crackers and eats anything we give her.

Saturday - Today we had Maddie's 6 months pictures taken at JCPenny. Tiffany was back and managed to get a couple of cute shots. Maddie was too interested in the camera and lights and just did NOT want to smile! I also went to see Vanessa's new house and help her do a few move in type things. Such a cute little home.

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