Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12.14.08 Girls Gift Exchange

Sarah, Abby, Janet, Danna and I exchanged Christmas gifts at P.F. Chang's again this year. The food was awesome and the company delightful. I had my gifts all planned out for weeks prior, I purchased books on Muses for each of them and was going to give associated gifts based on each Muse. The stupid books on Amazon never arrived. It is now almost January and I have only received two books. I received a lot of awesome gifts, though. Both Janet and Danna bought me things I had registered for and it was so long ago that I didn't even recognize them... just remembered I really wanted them! Crazy! Danna got me a gift certificate to Nail Times and the napkin rings I wanted for the wedding. Janet got met a divided serving dish for parties. Abby got me an awesome frame for our engagement photos and Sarah got us all little suitcases with travel items inside. They are all so sweet and know me so well. Janet brought Audrey and we got to hold her as well. What a lovely evening.

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