Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12.14.08 White Rock Marathon and Dad Visits

Shannon and Lisa came down from Wichita to Dallas and ran the White Rock 1/2 marathon. I found the course online and went down to meet them at the 2-1/2 mile marker. They just happened to be running right by my office. They had all the streets blocked off, so I couldn't get to the office, but managed to work my way down to the course. I watched about a million runners run by and never did see Shannon or Lisa. I know they had to have run right by me. I then headed down to the finish line at American Airlines Center. You couldn't even see the finish line. I ended up climbing a wall and jumping a rod iron fence just to get close to the finish line. I waited about an hour and a half looking desperately for Shannon and Lisa. I never did see Lisa, but spotted Shannon whizzing by me briefly. I caught up to them at the finish line to offer congratulations. I still can't believe they ran the whole way, what an accomplishment!

After the race, Juan and I headed over to Vanessa's to see Dad, Sheryl and the new Baby. Dad drove in the following evening to see Jakob and they were leaving that afternoon. It was a brief visit, but was good to see them both. I had not seen them since Vanessa's wedding. Jakob, of course, was adorable.

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