Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12.21.08 Cookies with Kids

This year Aram and Sole were both so excited to decorate cookies. Aram must have asked me about it 10 times! We had them over and decided to take them to see Santa at the snow globe display at Willowbend. After waiting in line for an hour and barely moving we decided to give up on Santa. We returned to the house and decorated cookies. It was a lively and hysterically funny time. Aram kept dumping the sprinkles into his hand, but he would dump them until his hand overflowed. He would then put sprinkles in just one spot on the cookie and then ask me what I thought. Every time I would tell him what a good job he was doing, and he would reply, "Thank you". Sole was very adept at icing her own cookies this year. We had some lovely and colorful results. Afterwards, we let the kids open a couple of presents. A monopoly junior game for Sole and a game of Cooties for Aram. We played Cooties and Aram won. Juan gave him a dollar for winning. I think he was more excited about his dollar than the game. It was a fun afternoon for everyone.

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