Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Maddie's Halloween Crocigator 2013

Maddie was an Crocodile/Alligator (Crocigator) this year. We tried to get her to be a fun lion, or a cool dragon, but it was, "NO, No, NO, Crocodile!"  Of course, there was no Crocodile costume at the store we were at. A couple days later I asked her again what she wanted to be for Halloween.  Her reply, "Um, a Crocodile." So that, was that. I searched the internet and ordered a her a Crocodile costume. She loved it. Here are a few pics of her in it!

Happy Halloween!


Val Thorpe said...

Jess these are such fab pics of Maddie... did you take them... if so how did you just use a black drop sheet and natural light ???? OMG I cant wait for my grandies to arrive. I am so dressing them up for halloween and I don't care if no-one here celebrates I will do it just for the pics :D

Lara said...

What a cute crocagator! Can't wait to see these on a LO.