Monday, September 16, 2013

Maddie's 2nd Birthday: A Sesame Street Party

It's been almost a month since my last post, but I have a very good reason. I've been planning the most amazing birthday party ever for my little girl! She turned 2 yesterday and it was a perfect day. Most of the inspiration for the party came from Pinterest, but a lot of the ideas came directly from The Mom Creative.

First stop, invitations from Lani's Party Designs.

Welcome to Madalynne's Street!

Daddy made the most amazing Madalynne Street sign. It even lights up. We used this great tutorial from My Simple Obsession. He also cut the letter 'M' and the number '2' for the front door, after all the party is brought to you by the letter 'M' and the number '2'.  Look her adorable Elmo dress, created by Nana! 

I made Sesame street hats for each of the kids. Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Oscar the Grouch, a wonderful Pinterest idea. They all loved them. I used my cricut and the Sesame Street Font Cartridge to cut the faces out of fun foam. There is a great tutorial on how to cut craft foam with your Cricut from Cathie Rigby.  Maddie loved Elmo so much that she took a bite out of him. You can see her little teeth marks on the lower left.

There were lots of fun things for the kiddos to do. There was a Super Grover Super Launch, made by Daddy, another Pinterest idea.


Big Bird's Seed Search with lots of fabulous little toys, again Daddy cut out Big Bird and Mommy painted.

Cookie Monster Bean Bag Toss, also created by Daddy; and the most adorable little bean bags made by Nana!

Oscar's Tattoo Parlor, created with Mommy's cricut cartridge Sesame Street Seasons.

Play Table - including a puzzle station and a Sesame neighborhood complete with Abby Cabby's Flying Fairy School

Decorations included lots of Sesame Street bean bag characters, balloons, more 'M' and '2's, lots of pinwheels created from old used Sesame Street books, and a "Maddie" banner created using my Cricut. There were even towels and soap dispensers in the bathrooms and kitchen with the Sesame theme.

There were even Big Bird and Elmo hand towels and soaps in the bathroom and kitchen to follow the Sesame Street theme.

We also set up a Sesame Street photo backdrop. I wanted to set up our professional lights to help with the glare, but Juan thought that was over the top.

Finally, no party is complete without food. Again, I used ideas for the Sesame faces from Pinterest, with help from Nana. There was Elmo, Ernie, Bert, Oscar, Elmo, Cookie Monster, and another Oscar. Abuelita made strawberry lemonade, and of course the cake was Elmo (decorated by Auntie Miri). There was also another cricut banner, "Happy Birthday".


More fun food: Snuffles Truffles

Dorothy's Goldfish

Cookie Monster's Monster Cookies

Oscar's Trash Cans with Pet Worm Slimy

And Even the Count's Chocolate Milk

Maddie was a little overwhelmed when it came time for the Birthday girl's song; and although she did blow out her candle, she did not want her cake or cupcake. All she wanted was fruit!

What a better way to thank our guests for coming then to provide an amazing favor for the kiddos to take home? The pails were found on clearance at Michaels and I used the Cricut again to create the faces. There was a Sesame Street coloring book with Elmo crayons, a Sesame Street book, stickers, an Elmo matching game, and fruit snacks.

I think my little girl had the most Amazing 2nd Birthday Ever! I love you Maddie!


Val Thorpe said...

Jess I am not sure who had more fun here... Maddie at her party or Mom who created all the beautiful decor... I have bookmarked all of the tutorials I think that they are fab. I really need to use my silhouette more. I just love what you and your DH and mom did for her. A little girls dream... Some awesome pages coming out L xox

Lara said...

My kids are past these types of parties. I can't imagine planning this type of party without Pinterest. You did an amazing job!! Looks like everyone had a great ime.

mark lawrence said...

DIY preparations done in the party are quite appealing. My daughter wants to celebrate her seventh birthday with friends. I think one of the nearly located Chicago venues would be great for kids. Will order mix and match snacks of all variety. Creative fun sprinkles on cup cakes and donuts would be an attractive idea too.