Friday, May 24, 2013

So sad and disappointed

Sad to announce that I after 20 weeks, I didn't make it through the first "vote" round at Colorful Creations for the "So You Think You Can Scrap" challenge.  It's a bit disheartening after keeping up with the challenges for 20 weeks. I guess maybe I don't have the right style or maybe my layout wasn't as busy as the others.  I'm not really sure..  I guess that's the downside of creating and sharing your work. What you envision and feel is a great layout, just doesn't cut it in the end.  It's one thing when challenges are randomly selected, but knowing that you didn't make it past even the first voting round somehow makes everything feel not quite so special.  In the end I am creating for myself and my daughter, but it definitely lessens my enthusiam for participating in challenges on-line.  Anyone else ever have this feeling?  I'm not expecting my layouts to be chosen for publication, but I always assumed they were decent.  Maybe I've been fooling myself all this time.  Maybe no one really cares or is even inspired by my creations.  Maybe this whole blog thing is a complete waste of time.


Val Thorpe said...

Ah Jess don't be discouraged. Your layouts are wonderful. I know I would feel exactly the same way and I have too... but this is not about your layout or your style at all...I don't know what they look for but if it is not what you gave them it is not a reflection on you or your work. DONT give up... hard as it is just keep trying. Big hugs xoxo

Olivia said...

Our craft is like any art...some will love it and other will not. Express yourself as the creativity comes to you and in the end you will have a project you love. The worth is not in the eyes of others but in the meaning it has for you. Keep up the great work.