Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Hubby's Thank You Card

My husband attended my baby showers with me on the premise of being the "photographer" (I think he just really wanted to be involved, LOL)  It was very sweet and he did a great job of getting photos.  My sister had a gift specifically for him at the shower.  It was the most adorable pink Puma outfits!  My hubby is a PUMA nut and is the literal poster child for that brand.  He was so excited and quickly let me know that this was his favorite gift out of everything we received.

He wanted to send my sister a separate thank you card and raided my scrapbook loft to make it.  It turned out really nice and he had fun making it.  He wanted to use everything he saw in my room, LOL!  I was perfectly happy to let him.

Here is the card that he made:


Alison said...

Wow! didn't he do well? Great card...and love the gift too!
Alison xx

Kristine Ponte said...

Seriously!??? I would LOVE it if my hubby wanted to make a card in my room!
What a beautiful shower...and most adorable puma outfit!