Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Update!

I am now 32-1/2 weeks pregnant!  I had my 2nd maternal fetal sonogram on Monday.  Madalynne is growing perfectly! Dr. Koster said she has plenty of fluid and is moving a lot....don't I know it!  LOL.  Her head and legs are tracking at 32 weeks and her tummy is tracking at 33 weeks.  I was worried that she was fat, but the doctor said she is just healthy and that is good news.  Both my mother and sister had preclampsia, which can be hereditary so I have been worried; but the doctor said her large tummy is a good sign.  Early warning signs of preclampsia is actually a smaller stomach because the baby is not getting enough nutrients so what she does get goes to her brain and limbs and anything left goes to her tummy...... a baby diet in essence.  These are her latest photos, profile shots of her forhead, nose, mouth and chin with her little hands raised up.  She has already turned and is correctly positioned to greet the world!  I am so thankful that everything is going so well.  We have been truly blessed!


bakscrap said...

You're in the home stretch now! Glad all is going well. Beth

ShellBell said...

Glad to hear things are still going very well for you. You should make a countdown chain lol. It won't be long now until you hold your perfect joy in your arms!

Carolina said...

So good to hear everything's going well! Can't wait for those cute baby girl pics!