Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2011-08-13 Children's Museum with Jakob

Juan and I took our nephew, Jakob, to the Children's Museum today.  They had a special exhibit on Chinasaurs (Dinosaurs found in China).  We thought Jakob would love it, and it probably would have if not for his Tio Juan.  At the entrance to the exhibit, they had a full sized animatronic dinosaur that moved, similar to T-Rex.  Juan immediately told Jakob that the dinosaur was going to eat him and he became extremely frightened and would not let go of Juan.  We finally got him into the exhibit, past another animatronic dinosaur and tried to point out the dinosaur bones. Although he did walk through the exhibit and look a little bit, he constantly said over and over, "Let's get out of here!" 

I think Juan had as much fun as Jakob did.  They both had a blast at the bubble table.


 Digging for fossils in the sand:
Driving the fire truck!

I think the water room was one of the favorites of the day.  Jakob would have been content to play in here all day!

After exploring the Museum, we took a snack break at the cafe, which happened to be across from the same T-Rex animatronic dinosaur that scared Jakob so much when we entered.  He seemed to have realized it was fake and was no longer scared by it, but he did keep his eye on it.  Juan told him the dinosaur was going to eat his ears and Jakob immediately covered his ears and said, "No eat Jakob's ears!" 

We had a really fun day and I just love watching Juan with Jakob.  He is so good with him and it melts my heart to think what a good daddy he is going to be.


ShellBell said...

Looks like they had fun--despite the scary parts lol. My husband used to do that to my son a lot too. Drove me batty on days that I wasn't in the mood lol.

Mistylynn said...

What a fun time. I have a JAKOB too. He's my oldest (10). The teachers have the hardest time spelling it "correctly" :)
Thanks for sharing.

Mistylynn said...

Luckily, you guys as Tia and Tio don't have to deal with the incorrect spelling :)

Alison said...

I think he's going to be a great dad too!
Alison xx