Sunday, July 10, 2011

Project Life Tuesday - Week 26

Welcome to Project Life Tuesday 2011! If you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you will stay awhile. I'm Jessica and I am participating in Project Life, a different way to record our lives by taking one photo a day. This was inspired by the fabulous Becky Higgins who has put together a wonderful kit to make this challenge easier.
Don't worry, I'm not leaving traditional scrapbooking behind. This just gives me the opportunity to focus my scrapbooking on trips and things that are important to me right now and not get all bogged down with every birthday, dinner, and holiday that comes along.
Each Tuesday, I will post my pictures/journaling from the previous week. Project Life Tuesday was created by Jessica Turner over at The Mom Creative and she hosts a linky for readers to link up their pictures. So if you want to join in or want to see others POTW, just click the Project Lift button at the top of this post.
And finally, my POTW:

Saturday - This evening we went to the ccrd night at the ball park in Grand Prarie.  It was the Air Hogs.  Unfortunately the lost 14-0; but there were fireworks after the game!
Sunday - Another needed trip to Destination Maternity today.  I can't believe I have already outgrown half my pregnancy clothes. I had coupons, so it was well worth the trip!
Monday - We FINALLY got our intertainment center setup and items on the shelves.  It has taken forever to get moved back in.
Tuesday - Travelling a lot this week.  Today was a day trip to Kansas City for an OAC meeting on OPRMC.  Thursday is another day trip to Austin for the Bee Cave FSED OAC. Thankfully there were not a lot of people in the security line!

Wednesday - Today I am officially 25 weeks pregnant! Ok this is crazy but my right side is WAY bigger thank my left. I even have way more stretch marks on that side. Coco needs to even out! LOL. Weight update: 231.9 lbs. This week she is 13-1/2" from head to heels and weighs about a pound and a half. She is about the size of an average rutabaga! She is moving around a lot more now.

Thursday - Vanessa brought Jakob and Ashlyn over to our pool today. Jakob was way more scared of the water this year.  Last year he had absolutely no fear. He was better once Juan arrived. Ashlyn didn't know what to think of the water, but it was fun to play with both of them!   

Friday - Today's photo is my friend, Angie, with her new baby, Kayla!  As the adoption is not finalized, I am refraining from posting the adorable photo here; but, she is ADORABLE!!!
Thanks for visiting me, even though my weekly posts have been a little late! 

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