Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project Life Tuesday - Week 7


Welcome to Project Life Tuesday 2011! If you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you will stay awhile. I'm Jessica and I am participating in Project Life, a different way to record our lives by taking one photo a day. This was inspired by the fabulous Becky Higgins who has put together a wonderful kit to make this challenge easier.

Don't worry, I'm not leaving traditional scrapbooking behind. This just gives me the opportunity to focus my scrapbooking on trips and things that are important to me right now and not get all bogged down with every birthday, dinner, and holiday that comes along.
Each Tuesday, I will post my pictures/journaling from the previous week. Project Life Tuesday was created by Jessica Turner over at The Mom Creative and she hosts a linky for readers to link up their pictures. So if you want to join in or want to see others POTW, just click the Project Lift button at the top of this post.

And finally, my POTW:

Saturday:  My mom's birthday was today, so we took her to lunch at Benihana's.  She had never been before, so we thought it would be fun to take her and the cooking at the table would entertain Jakob.  I think Juan did more entertaining than the cooking did, but we still had a good time.  We had to wait 45 minutes for a table, so we were lucky that Jakob was on his best behavious.  Ashlyn was too, and she just slept the entire meal.  Jakob didn't eat anything, but had a great time playing with his chop sticks and food.  The ice cream he scarfed up!  Happy Birthday MOM!

Sunday:  We planned to take Jakob to the Children's Science Museum at Fair Park, but then Juan said let's go to the Train Museum first.  I didn't even know there was such a thing at Fair Park.  It was awesome.  There were about 30 different trains.  Some you could climb on and into and some you couldn't, although Juan and Jakob climbed on about everything!  Jakob is still in his train phase and just kept saying "Train, Train"  "More Train, More Train".  I can't believe he wasn't scared at all to be so high.  We bought him an old wooden train whistle on our way out and he blew it for the rest of the day!

Monday:  Valentine's Day was very low key for us this year.  We spent a ton of money this weekend on a new camera lens for me and a new tripod and case for Juan, so those were our Valentine's Day gifts.  I made dinner for Juan at home and gave him a handmade card.  He gave me this bracelet, made by a girl at his work and told me he had earrings for me too, but left them at work.  Fun colors for spring/summer.  Our true gift this year is that I am still pregnant.  Everything seems to be progressing on track.  Happy Valentine's Day little blueberry.

Tuesday:  Today was our professional resume photo session for work.  They update our photos and resumes every couple of years.  Here was one of my photos....I look way too happy to be at work!

Wednesday:  Pregnancy Update - Week 6.  I am 6 weeks pregnant today, the baby is only the size of a blueberry.  For the most part I'm just a bit nauseous all the time.  I seem to do better if I constantly nibble throughout the day.  I decided that I had better start weekly photos, since this seems to actually be happening.  Not the most flattering of photos, but oh well.  I had just stepped off a flight from an 18 hour day and was pretty exhausted!

Thursday:  Today was my friend, Abby's, birthday.  We took her to lunch at Toulouse, a French restaurant that I had never been to.  The food was great, but of course I was starving. Danna had been raving about their chocolate souffles.  You have to order them when you order your meal.  We had no idea they would be so huge or we wouldn't have ordered 3 for the 4 of us!  I didn't really care for the souffle, it was sort of a wierd texture; but it was fun to try.  Happy Birthday Abby!  Oh, by the way, she is pregnant and ready to pop any day!

Friday: Girls' Panty Exchange!  Every year as part of our Christmas gift exchange, my friends Angie and Shannon and I all exchange panties with each other.  Today was the first time we have seen each other since Christmas, so it was a February Christmas Panty exchange.  We always laugh a lot and have a grand time!  Merry Late Christmas Girls!


Teresa Davis said...

Hey Jessica, I was thinking about you today and thought I would look in on your blog. I'm so excited about your pregnancy news....so happy all is going well and will certainly add my prayers to yours for that to continue. Your panty exchange with your friends is a real hoot! Glad you had a fun visit with Angie. Was this your scrapping retreat weekend too? The Lord bless and keep you!

Rene' Sharp said...

Your photos are just lovely again Jessica!! You really have been busy! I love that you are starting to take a preggie pic each week. I am so sorry to hear that you lost a twin, but God has a plan, and I am sure he will keep the other little twin safe. Please do as the doctor says and stay off your feet!! Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend. Sending you love and prayers :)