Sunday, September 26, 2010

09.24.10 Juan's first Photo Exhibit

Juan is the official photographer for the Latinos in Architecture (LiA) chapter of the AIA in Dallas.  The LiA Committee hosted an exhibit at the AIA for National Hispanic Heritage Month in which they are celebrating the Work of Dallas Latin Architects and Designers.  The LiA asked Juan to photograph some of the buildings in Dallas that have Latin influence to be on display as part of the exhibit.  For the past few weeks he has been photographing these buildings.  He was a bit surprised and exited to learn this week that the "display" they wanted him to create was actually a small show where his photos would be hung in the gallery and a powerpoint presentation looping through the remainder of his photos.  The opening was this evening and everything was fabulous.  His "show" is at the entrance to the exhibit and will be up with the exhibit through October.  His photos looked amazing and he did an excellent job.  I am very proud of him!

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