Thursday, August 26, 2010

08.26.10 Number Challenge Scrapbook Page

Here's another challenge from over at Scrapbook Challenges.  This one's the "August by the Numbers Challenge."  The lucky number was 5 and the requirements were:
5 - photos

5 - colors (mine are red, brown, blue, green and white) your background cardstock if neutral doesn't count. :)
5 - brads, buttons or bling. only 5...all of one or a combo of them. I used 5 bling dots
5 - letter title
5 - bullet journaling
I went very outside my box on the title; but I'm glad I did.  These challenges are really inspiring me!


Che'Marie said...

Either I can't count or you can't count... I see 6 buttons and 5 brads and 1 ribbon thingie. Tell me how that's only 5?

Although it doesn't really matter because this page pretty much rocks! Stealing this, too.

Jessica said...

It was 5 bling things...those others aren't buttons, they are letters that spell out TAMALES, although I use the M in yumMy. The ribbon thing was just extra design, because I was really struggling with my title not being on the left side and Juan was using his laptop and wouldn't let me skype you! :) Hee hee