Thursday, April 22, 2010

04.22.10 Soccer 101 - the Attack

Juan and I babysat Jakob this evening and after he inhaled about 1/2 a pound of turkey, he was ready to burn it off!  Juan played soccer with him out front, in the grass, for about 45 minutes.  Jakob would try to run away from Juan with the ball and Juan would try to take it away from him, soccer style.  Jakob was laughing uncontrollably the entire time.  He was definitely persistant and even managed to wear out Juan.  Jakob was on the offensive in this photo and trying to attack Juan to retrieve the ball.  Juan might just make a little soccer star out of him yet.  This week was the first time he has actually kicked the ball to us and not just picked it up with his hands.  What a cutie!

Check out how Jakob get's Tio back, click here

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Rene' Sharp said...

Hi Jessica!! Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment on my layout and blog. I REALLY appreciate it so much. I love all your Project Life photos, they are wonderful! Hope the week ahead is great for you!x