Thursday, April 22, 2010

04.21.10 Death of a Salesman

The Dallas Theater Center production of Death of a Salesman was almost the death of me.  I have never left a production during intermission, but tonight that all changed.  I realize that this is a drama and has been constantly on the stage in some part of the world since its debut in 1949, but man was it dull!  I'm fairly certain we were required to read this play by Authur Miller in high school English, but I'm also fairly certain I only made it through the cliff notes.  We tried to stick it out, but by intermission we both decided home and early to bed sounded much better than finding out if Willy Loman ends up committing suicide.  If someone out there knows the ending, please fill me in.  The other wierd part for me was that this was set in the 50's, yet this lower class Caucasian American couple had two sons, one of which was played by an African American.  Willy's brother was also African American.  I understand it is a play and they are actors, but it wasn't believable for me.  This was, by far, our least favorite play of the season.

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