Wednesday, December 31, 2008

11.27.08 Thanksgiving

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house again this year. It was the first year that almost everyone came. Jeff had to work, but Vanessa, Mom, Miriam, Adam, Juan's parents, Themla, Sole, Aram, Marco, Gracie, Prinscella, and Isabella all came. The plan was for appetizers at 1pm with dinner starting at 2pm. Miriam, Mom and Vanessa were all here around 1pm, but at 2pm there was no sign of Juan's family. They all finally arrived around 4:30pm. Juan opened a bottle of wine at about noon and began to drink. We opened a couple more bottles around 1:30pm when Mom and Miriam arrived. Juan didn't realize that he was the only one drinking the red wine. At about 4:30pm on the dot, when everyone arrived; Juan passed out on the bathroom floor. He didn't mean to imbibe to that extent, it sort of snuck up on him. Adam ended up carving the turkey, although he had also had a couple beers by that point and about 1/4 of the turkey ended up on the floor; but he did a really good job. Juan's family brought almost an entire dinner themselves, so we had WAY too much food! It was also pretty crowded in our little home with everyone; but it was really nice to have everyone together. By the end of the evening, I managed to drag Juan out to the table to get some food in his belly. I don't think he'll be hearing the end of that one for awhile. We are very blessed to have everyone together, healthy and happy!

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