Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Bunnies Treats by a 3 Year Old - 2015

Maddie, my 3 year old dear daughter, and I made bunnies for her class Easter party. These are the cutest bunnies EVER and super easy! I found this idea on Pinterest and loved it instantly.

* 10" round tulle - found in the wedding section

* small clear elastic band
* 2 inch Styrofoam ball
* pink and white pom poms
* google eyes
* glue
* pink and white pipe cleaners
* M&Ms - Easter colors

To create:
1. Let 3 year old open all the items and separate one piece of tulle.
2. Let 3 year old grab handfuls of M&M's and dump in the middle of the tulle. Gather all the ends together and secure with the elastic band (let 3 year old stretch elastic band around tulle). Fluff the tail.
3. Pick up all the spilled M&M's.
4. Dot glue on the styrofoam ball and let 3 year old stick google eyes and pom poms as shown above.
5. Clean glue off 3 year old fingers.
6. Let glue dry - overnight as 3 year old attention space was over.
7. Cut (3) two pink pipe cleaners in lengths about 3". Let 3 year old fold pipe cleaners in half and stick (2) two in foam ball where the ears would be. Let 3 year old play with remaining pipe cleaner.
8. Cut (2) two white pipe cleaners in lengths about 4" and stick around the pink inner ear.
9. Cut white pipe cleaner 2-3" in length. Stick into the bottom of the head and let 3 year old stick the other end into the tulle ball.
10. Let 3 year old wobble the bobble head bunny.

If you are making more than one add additional step #11 below:
11. Let 3 year old use the bunnies to talk to one another as the family of fur-balls continue to grow!

Use longer lengths in steps 7 and 8 for longer ears.

17 little bunnies all together!

Even the back is super adorable!

I highly recommend this craft for the 3 year old in your life! Happy Easter!


Leslie Germain said...

These are adorable!! Happy Easter!!!

Val Thorpe said...

Jess I feel like I haven't been here in forever and I am so sorry. Life is just so hectic here at the moment.
This is just the cutest thing I have seen and how wonderful that she could help you. I can't believe that she is three already but then again I can't believe my twin grandies are 15 months :P where does the time go.<3