Monday, January 20, 2014

Project Life - Week 50

Welcome to Project Life 2013! If you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you will stay a while. I'm Jessica, wife to Juan, mommy to 2 year old Maddie. I am also an electrical engineer by day and I am participating in Project Life, a different way to record our lives by taking one photo a day. This was inspired by the fabulous Becky Higgins who has put together a wonderful kit to make this challenge easier.

I am using the digital kit on shutterfly (hopefully Olive once it has been released), find more info at This digital version uses Shutterfly and is SUPER easy to use! See my completed pages for 2012 using the Shutterfly Cobalt kit HERE.

And finally, my POTW (pictures of the week):

Tuesday - Still baking treats for the neighbors. Maddie loves her new elf jammies. She is adament that she also wear her elf hat and slippers. She loves the Christmas decorations and still continues to ask to decorate more. She is also still playing with the playdough a lot with Daddy.

Thursday - Neighbor treats are complete. Maddie and I delivered them this evening and she was so cute. We would ring the doorbell and when they came to the door she would hand them the check mix and say, "Merry Christmas," then promptly turn and leave. Off to get more treats for the next neighbor. She helped me deliver to six neighbor houses! She is such a good little helper.

Thursday - We finally got our photos taken and Christmas cards ordered. The ice has caused us to reschedule for two weeks! We ended up with just a simple card so they could get ordered and received before Christmas - Just Barely!

Saturday - Maddie loves her advent calendar. Everyday we practice our numbers and the countdown to Christmas. Of course Maddie's favorite part is the candy!

Sunday - Today I hosted my 10th Annual Ornament Exchange. I had 20 people in attendance (counting Baby Ian). We had a great time! Left to right, back to front: Janet Morrison, Lauren Wideman, Vanessa Bradley, Miriam Madill, Becky Dragoo, Gracie Navarro, Julie Frazier, Sarah Kuchera, Ian Kuchera, Abby Lipperman, Alyssa Postoak, Brooke Holley, Laura Geiger, Elizabeth Ourecky, April Woods, Danna Jensen, Joy Bartolotta, Lecia Mavros, Shiobhan Winfrey, and Me! Also today, one of my dearest friends Miriam is moving to Seattle, Washington to be closer to her sister. Miriam and I met in collage and have been friends and roommates multiple times. We have lived in the same city since Manhattan, Ks. It will not be the same without her close. I will miss her terribly, but wish her well on her new exciting life!

Monday - Little gifts we put together for Maddie's school class tomorrow. Stickers, a puzzle, a bell, a candy cane and a marshmallow treat in a little engraved stocking. Maddie had fun helping me stuff them for her Christmas party tomorrow.

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