Monday, May 2, 2011

Project Life Tuesday - Week 17

Welcome to Project Life Tuesday 2011! If you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you will stay awhile. I'm Jessica and I am participating in Project Life, a different way to record our lives by taking one photo a day. This was inspired by the fabulous Becky Higgins who has put together a wonderful kit to make this challenge easier.

This was a really rough week for me.  I was swampped with work and worked everynight until almost 11:30pm.  That left little time for the extra hours of rest my pregnant body has been requiring, or any sort of scrapping.  Needless to say, that also left me very cranky.  This weekend was packed full of stuff we had to do, so I didn't get caught up much there.  Next week I am traveling all week for work, so I am really hoping to get a bit of rest this week.

And finally, my POTW:

Saturday - Here is our crew at the Scrappin Pad.  Shannon, Shannon's mom Debbie, me, Angie, and my mom, Becky!  Aren't we cute in our scrapping attire with no make-up?  LOL, I think so.  We had a great time!


Sunday - Me and my mommy on our last day of scrappin!  We got massages and facials and did a lot of laughing!

Monday - My wonderful hubby cleaned out our front walk this weekend while I was away.  He cleared all the leaves from the flower beds and rearranged all of the potted plants for the Spring.  Isn't he sweet?

Tuesday - I knew our front walk area looked good, but I didn't realize until today that the Home Owner's Association came this weekend and sandblasted our front gate and repainted it black.  It was looking pretty bad and desperately need the upgrade.

Wednesday - I am officially 16 weeks pregnant today! This week, our little alien is the size of an avocado. Pregnancy stats: 223.6 lbs. I've noticed that my pants are all a little too tight this week. I think my baby belly is beginning to pooch too much for regular pants, do you think I am starting to show? I am pretty happy that I've managed to control my weight so much. Only 5 lbs gain since I first got pregnant. I'm hoping to keep that stat under control until the thrid trimester. This week was a horribly stressful week at work. I worked until almost 11pm every night this week and have been running on empty.

Thursday - We had our monthly OB doctor's appointment today. Official weight: 224.4lbs. Blood pressure was great, they drew blood as well. I almost always pass out when they draw blood, hence the photo where I'm laying down.  My veins are deep and run, so it is usually a major ordeal.  Most importantly, we FINALLY heard the heartbeat!!!! Strong and fast, it was quite amazing. Juan and I both recorded it on our I-Phones. Since I am 35 years old, my Dr. has recommended a level 2 sonogram for the 20 week check. This one is more in depth and checks everything from measuring sections of the heart to length of the leg bones. I have to go to a specialist and hopefully we will learn the sex of the baby at that appoinment.

Update 5/2/2011!!!!!  OB nurse just called with my blood work results from the neural-tube defect test. This includes things like spina bifida. It was NEGATIVE!!!! Yeah, just one more hurdle we've leaped! I'm sooooo happy that everything continues to be positive and on track!

Friday - Tonight we had tickets to Lisa Lampenelli, comedian, at the Majestic Theater in downtown Dallas.  We decided to do dinner before the show and tried the newly opened Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck in Reunion Tower.  The views are still amazing of the downtown Dallas and the food was good; but not quite worth all the hype and expense.  Lisa was hilarious, although definitely on the more raunchy side.  I was exhausted by the end of the night, but I think Juan desperately needed a night out.


Jolanda said...

Beautiful pics sweetie!!

Rene' Sharp said...

Hey Jessica! Great photos again this week. You are starting to look "swell" :) How wonderful to hear the heart-beat, it really is a moment you will remember forever!!

packmom said...

Love the city view of Dallas and your front walk--it looks inviting.

Alison said...

Great pics...Rene is right about hearing that heartbeat! Hope you get some rest
Alison xx

Teresa Davis said...

I'm thinking about you today on your 1st Mother's Day, I hope it is a very special day for you. You do look pregnant to me in your photos. The photos of you all at the scrappin pad are so cute, I'm sure you had a really fun time!

Vanessa said...

whats with the ninja teletubby on Angie's shoulder?