Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

My fabulous friend, Betty Anne, over at Let's Get Scrap Happy has given me the "Stylish Blogger Award"!  How awesome is that?  Thanks so much!!!!  I've never received a blog award.  Betty Anne helps run the "Let's Scrap" blogsite and does an amazing job!  I just love the sketches and wonderful ladies on that site.  They are so encouraging and inspirational.  Additionally, Betty Anne creates some amazing scrapping layouts, so you should head over to her blogsite and check her out!
Here is my award!
This award comes with stipulations to "pay it forward".  After receiving the award I am to...

Thank the person I received the award from and give a link back to her blog - which I did above

Share 8 things about myself
Pass the award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered
And Leave them a comment so that they can pass along the recognition.
Here are the 8 things about me.
1.  I am 13 weeks pregnant with my first child at 35!
2.  I have been married for 2 years to an amazing man who cracks me up every day!
3.  I am an electrical engineer and design hospitals.
4.  I am a scrapbook nut and have already created 100 layouts this year.
5.  I love ice cream!  Specifically gellato, but any old ice cream will do.
6.  I've traveled to Mexico, France, Italy, England, Spain, Canada, Greece, and all over the US.
7.  I LOVE creating from sketches! And I am a two page layout girl, unless it is at the front or back of an album.
8.  I have two crazy mutts that are the size of miniature horses!

Now, for my nominations for the award. Please be sure to check out their blogs and see some of the fabulous creations they have made!

1. Jolanda at Scrapsels
2. Rene' at Stamping in Sunny SA
3. Debbie at Love Life's Little Pleasures
4. Michelle at Homespun Scrapbooking
5. Amy at Queen of the Crazies
6. Kate at Queen Kat
7. Lori at Apron Strings
8. Tiffany, TanyaR, Dawnll, Fern, and Kim at Sketches in Thyme

Thanks again Betty Anne!


Dawnll said...

Congratulations on your first!
Love to read about others...would love to see how tall your dogs are!lol
How sweet of you to pass on to us girls at Sketches In Thyme- we truly appreciate.

Jolanda said...

Congrats sweetie!!!
and thank you so much!!!
(i have it,but always nice to have 2 ;))
Have a very nice day!

Rene' Sharp said...

Thanks so much for the sweet gesture Jessica!! So glad to hear the pregnancy is progressing well :)

XXOO AMY said...

You're a doll!