Friday, January 28, 2011

Ashlyn's Surgery Update!

Thank you to everyone who prayed and posted such supporting comments and on my POTW regarding my little niece's surgery.  She is only 4 weeks old and went in this morning to have an abdominal growth removed.  This is me holding her at 6am prior to surgery!

There were lots of possible complications and they were not even sure what this growth was.  It ended up being a cyst caused by a twisted ovary.  The ovary had to be removed, but there were no complications and none of her intestine's had to be removed!  She did not even have to go into the NICU.  She is now resting comfortly in her room at Children's Medical Center in Dallas.  The doctors and nurses there have all been fabulous.  Hopefully she will be returning home by Sunday or Monday.  Thanks again for all the prayers!!!!!  They obviously were answered and the Lord was watching out and protecting our little one. 


Kim said...

I'm so glad things came out good! I will say a prayer for her and her family:)

EstherT said...

Praise God for His healing hands!!! I'm so glad that things went well.

Denise said...

What a sweet sweet girl!!! She is just so precious! I'm so glad her surgery went well! It's so tough to wait through it.