Saturday, September 18, 2010

Welcome to my Scrap Space

I was inspired to purge my scrap supplies and de-clutter my scrap space last week by the forum at Scrapbook Challenges where everyone was sharing photos of their scrap space.  I converted the "loft" in my home into a scrapbook/craft area when I moved in almost 7 years ago.  Over that time period, I have collected more and more stuff.  I spent all last weekend and almost every night this week sifting through my "stuff" and purging a ton.  I also re-organized portions to make it more user (me) friendly.

I hope this inspires you to re-examine your space and see what organization tools you can use.  Welcome to my space!

And now to share some organizational ideas:

Paper:  My paper is sorted by color in 12x12 paper holders.  I have a roller/file cart for solids and one for pattern paper.  My solids are kept under my table directly at my feet and my pattern papers are directly behind me under the desk, for easy access.  

Holiday, Events, & Travel:  I keep all scrapbook related event & holiday items in their own labeled 12x12 bin.  This way when I travel for crops or am working on a particular album I can just grab the related 12x12 bin.  I also have a bin for each major trip I have taken, yet to be scrapped. 

My bins are labeled as follows:  Events, Weddings, Holidays, Love, Cupcakes/BBQ/Wine, Friends/Family, Specialty Papers, Baby, Travel, Camping, Christmas, Puppy, Card Kits, Sonoma, Spain, Grandpa, Italy, London, Greece, New York

Ribbon:  My ribbon is organized by color on binder clips and then hung on the wall with aluminum push pins from the Container Store.  When I need a particular color for a page that I am working on, I just grab that color and have all my options at my fingertips.

Cricut cartridges:  My cartridges are located on an over-the-door elfa standard from the Container Store.  Each deep basket holds 11 cartridges for easy viewing.  I am using a second one for all of my overflow ribbon until I need the space for more cartridges  ;)

Stamps and Stamp Pads:  My stamp pads are stored in an old cassette holder that I spray painted white.  It has plenty of spots for future colors.  My stamps are all in Close to my Heart containers on my shelf directly behind my work station.

Felt Borders:  These are hung, by color on hooks from my elfa shelves, yes again from the Container Store.

Scissors and Border Punches:  My scissors are hung on hooks and the my border punches are located on the shelf so I can see which ones I have. 

Paints:  my paints are stored in spice racks above my tools table.

On my tools table also sits my cricut Expression and my markers.

Small Embellishments:  My smaller embellishments are in plastic boxes with dividers, found in the tackle box section at Wal-Mart.  These fit great in the white dot baskets from Container Store.  They keep the little items seperated and are clear so it is easy to see what is in each one.  When I go to a crop, I just grab the whole dot basket.  I also store all of my fibers and floss in one, I even used to store my ribbon in these.  The Cropper Hopper mini squares work great.

Medium Embellishments:  These are in yet another white dot basket, but I have them in work files also purchased from the Container Store.  These are labeled as:  Felt, Bling, Chipboard/Tags, Journaling, and Clocks/Arrows/Brackets/Bugs

New products:  I have to have my newest products out to see or I tend to forget that I have them.  My hubby installed this little shelf on the beam above my work tables.  I add my newest candy here until it is used.

Scraps:  My scraps are sorted by color and by solids/patterns in more white dot baskets.  This way I just grab the color pack that I need, I find that I tend to use more scraps this way.

Stickles:  My stickles are stored in a little mini hat box from Creative Options, easy to grab, easy to travel with.

Tools/Adhesives:  My everyday tools and adhesives are stored in these totes that reside on my work desk at all times.  They are set up for travel and go.

Brads:  My brads are stored in a Craft Keeper, the plastic compartments allows the brads to stay organized yet see all my options.  I have a smaller version that contains all of my grommets. 

Thanks for visiting my space.  I'd love to hear your comments!


KimR said...

Wow! Your space is amazing! HOly lot of cricut cartridges you have!!! Can you tell me where you got those red boxes on the shelves?

Jessica said...

Kim, the red boxes are from IKEA! I looked everywhere to find red ones that were both photo size, magazine holder size, and a larger size so they would coordinate. They did not have them in stock, I had to order them online. They are really heavy duty.

Owl Be Crafting said...

Your space is amazing! Where did you get the cases that are in your rolling cases?

Jessica said...

The paper holders are 12x12 paper takers. I bought them at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook section with the storage cases.

Jessica said...
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