Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home Wrecker

Last night there were pretty bad storms in Dallas.  At about midnight, Juan and I awoke to extremely loud popping noises.  I honestly thought someone was shooting at us and in our backyard....the mind plays terrible tricks when you are half asleep.  Juan went out to check and apparently our largest tree, a 40' oak, cracked straight down the middle and had fallen towards the back of the house where our bedroom is.  The only thing that stopped it from coming through the roof was a smaller tree right in front of our window.  It was still pouring, so Juan evicted us out of the bedroom into the spare bedroom at the front of the house.  There we layed awake most of the night listening to the continuous popping sounds as the tree continued to fall closer and closer to the roof.  This morning Juan left a 6am for a flight and will not be back until tomorrow.  I called a couple of tree removal companies today, but they all said we had to wait for it to quit raining.  So for now, we are just hoping that little tree will continue to support the monstrosity that has fallen on it.  This evening when I arrived home, after a full day of rain, the little tree was leaning precariously close to the roof of our home.  Unfortunately there are many more storms forcasted for tonight.

This is how close the little tree that is supporting the big tree has leaned towards the house.

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Che'Marie said...

Holy crap! Did it get hit by lightening or what?