Saturday, August 14, 2010

08.06.10 Everything can Change in a Second

We received a call this evening from Marco saying that Prinscella and Isabella had been in a car accident.  Prinscella got distracted briefly and lost control of their Jeep SUV; it flipped and skidded.  They were rushed by ambulance to Parkland Hospital where they were then separated and Isabella was sent to Children's Hospital.  Isabella is fine, just traumatized a bit; but Prinscella was admitted and surgery scheduled.  When the window broke, she braced herself on the door frame and the fingers in her left hand were crushed and mangled.  It is still unclear to what level the hand will recover.  The doctor's anticipate multiple surgeries, months of rehab and at least a week if not two in the hospital.  Poor girl, we went to see her and they hadn't given her any pain meds for about 3 hours.  Her entire life has changed in a few seconds.

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