Wednesday, June 2, 2010

05.30.10 Sprinkler and Memorial Day BBQ

Vanessa, Jeff, Jakob, Juan and I got together at Mom's today for a Memorial Day BBQ.  Juan and I went early to help Mom build a dirt box for Jakob.  Then we laughed at Jakob eating a popsicle and playing in his pool.  After the BBQ, Mom got out a new sprinkler for Jakob to play in.  He loved it and we laughed hysterically as the water sprayed him in the face.  He just kept going back to it over and over again.  He absolutely loves the water.


Anonymous said...

HA! But he hated the waterpark. Can you believe that? You have to send me these pictures because once again, I forgot to take any. =(

Anonymous said...

that was vanessa by the way, i am starting to hate blogger never lets me.

Jessica said...

I started uploading them last night, but Juan took about 100, as usual! :)