Monday, April 19, 2010

04.18.10 Barbacoa Deliciousness

Yesterday we had a birthday BBQ at Marco and Gracie's house for Juan's mother, Maria.  While we were there Juan told them all about the dream I had the previous night.  I have a lot of nightmares and often talk in my sleep.  That particular night, I had apparently told Juan, "You said you would pop my back and get me some barbacoa!"  They all thought this was hilarious.  Barbacoa is a Mexican version of baked beef with a lot of fat....very tasty.  I won't tell you what else is in it, because honestly I don't want to know.  Anyways, this morning Juan's mother called and said that she had made me tortillas and was bringing me over Barbacoa!  Miriam was here when they arrived and we learned that they went to a bunch of places to find it, everyone was out, and they ended up stopping at a restaurant to find some.  We called Marco & Gracie and they came over along with Prinscella and Isabella.  We ended up with an impromtu brunch fiesta. My in-laws then wouldn't leave until everything was cleaned up and the dishes were done.  They are too sweet!

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