Friday, March 5, 2010

Jakob Videos at Japanese Gardens

Jakob was so cute at the Japanese Gardens last weekend.  I thought if we took a blanket out to the grassy knoll Jakob would take a was quickly obvious that he was too interested in everything else going on.  Check out the video link to see his cuteness.  To Nap or not to Nap?   

Jakob has learned to pick up everything he finds on the floor or ground and give it to an adult.  He especially loves doing this with leaves, sticks, acorns, rocks, etc.  Juan shot a short video of this.  Jakob and the Gardens

In this last video, Tio Juan sets Jakob on top of the tree stump.  Although not really a tall stump, Jakob is smart enough to know he can't just step off of it.  Of course I wanted to pick him up right away, but Juan was letting Jakob work out his problem solving skills.... right Juan?  It is funny and afterwards he did go right back to the stump. 

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