Monday, March 1, 2010

02.28.10 Boy in a Trunk

Yes, this is my nephew, Jakob, sitting in the trunk of my car. We pulled out his stroller while at the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth today and Juan set him in the open trunk for a second in order to get the stoller open. Jakob decided that he love the trunk and wanted to spend the day playing in it. Boys are too funny!  More photos from our outing below.
Our Little Garden Gnome


Vanessa said...

oh sweet jesus my heart skipped a beat when i saw Juan trying to get Jakob to jump on that round thing in the water....thank god I have you guys to take the edge off my overprotective side! =) I am so glad you all had fun!

Vanessa said...

That tree stump makes him look small!

Jessica said...

Ha! He actually wasn't jumping, Juan said "how's a frog go" and was trying to get him to do Ribbet...Juan carried him and was watching closely. LOL you have way more of an overprotective side than I thought. He was totally in awe of the water. Didn't touch it really, but wanted to just stare at it for hours. We couldn't get him to keep walking down the path. Completely different from the Aquarium experience.