Wednesday, February 17, 2010

02.16.10 Wrong Day? Wrong Month!

Juan and I have season tickets to the dallas theater. Tonight was our next theater experience. I picked up Juan from work and we started the evening at Dali for dinner. It was not long after we had ordered that Juan said, "Are you sure the play is tonight...I don't see any people over at the theater." Then we looked around the usually packed restraurant and realized we were the only customers in the place. I pulled out our tickets and... yep... tickets were for 3/16 NOT 2/16. We were an entire month early! Guess I put the wrong date into my calendar. We decided that would be our Valentine's day was definitely quiet and romantic.  How could it not be when we were the only ones in the place?  LOL


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Shannon Fisher said...

Too funny.
Oh yeah--and you spelled "quiet" wrong.