Saturday, February 13, 2010

02.11.10 Airports Closed!

Our meetings in Houston ended at noon today. We were scheduled on the 2:00pm flight on Southwest Airlines back to Dallas Love Field. When we returned the rental car, we learned DFW was closed. Once we got through security we learned Love Field was on a "will advise" and none of the flights had left Dallas since about 9am. There were four flights infront of us that did not even have planes yet, and our flight was already delayed until 3:20pm. After standing in the standby line for about 30 minutes and not even moving, we decided to drive back to Dallas. We left the rental car agency around 1:00pm and it was pouring rain. It didn't turn to snow until about 90 miles outside Dallas. We arrived around 6:00pm to a mess on the roadways. Luckily the traffic our direction was fairly light, the other direction was at a standstill. Dallas had gotten 6" of snow and it was not letting up. The record of 7-1/2" was sure to be broken. I was very glad to arrive safe at home.

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