Wednesday, January 27, 2010

01.27.10 Science Fair Judge

Today I was invited to judge the science fair projects at Christie Elementary School. My friend, Miriam, is in charge of the Science Fair.  I really enjoyed seeing all of the imaginative creations of these youngsters.  It is amazing to see these 3rd, 4th, 5th, even 1st and 2nd graders grasping the Scientific Method and create their own hypothesis, test variables and come to their own conclusions. This year I helped judge the 4th graders and there were quite a few projects that contained all of the individual aspects of the Scientific Method, as well as an interesting experiment. The best part of the day was the interviews of students whose projects we felt were 1st place contenders. We interviewed four individuals and they were amazing to listen to. I expected at least one of them to confess their project was completed with A LOT of parental help; but instead each student was articulate in how they came up with the idea, how much help they received, and how they were amazed by the outcomes. It's a joy to see that there are obviously teachers doing something right and steering students into Science; or at least fostering their intrigue.

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