Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12.11.08 Baby Jakob Arrives

Vanessa was induced around noon on Thursday and Jakob was born around 9:30pm that evening. I was still at work when I received the call. We were issuing the Los Robles California project the following day. Juan and I arrived at the hospital around 11pm and they had just taken Jakob into the nursery to clean him up. We talked to Vanessa and waited about an hour, but when they said it was probably going to be another hour and half, we decided to let Vanessa rest and return the following day. Juan and I returned to the McKinney hospital the following day and got to hold Jakob for the first time. He was so small! When I went to pick him up, Jeff told me to make sure and hold his head. Vanessa responded that I had probably held more babies than both of them combined. That made me laugh, because it was probably true. I am so excited to have a little baby in the family. He is absolutely adorable!

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